The Last Word monologue

This is a monologue I did on More4's "The Last Word" which was cut down quite a lot, mainly due to me taking the piss out of "Balls of Steel"


First draft scripts from Heads Up With Richard Herring

Here's my working scripts for the series of Heads Up With Richard Herring. Some of them changed before broadcast and include bits that were cut and some are not as complete as others. But if you haven't got satellite TV you can at least imagine me doing the shows now

show_1_draft_2.doc show_2_draft_1.doc show_3_draft_1.doc show_4_draft_1.doc show_5_draft_1.doc show_6_draft_1.doc show_7_draft_1.doc show_8_draft_1.doc show_9_draft_2.doc show_10_draft_2.doc

BBC7 Comedy Controller

Here is the full script for my stint as comedy controller on BBC7, including the links for a couple of shows that did not make the broadcast due to time issues.


Christ on a Bike script

This is the script for my 2001 solo show Christ on a Bike. This is the version I did at the Arts Theatre in Soho.


Episode 4 - various scripts

Various versions of the script for week 4 for your amusement

TWTTIN_4b.doc show_4_recording_script.doc show_4_broadcast_script.doc

Episode 2 of TWTTIN- cuts and drafts

Two scripts written by me cut from script, one for being rubbish and the other because we were not allowed to talk about beheading this week in case events in Iraq take a turn for the worse (and also for being rubbish)

rh_catherine_parr.doc RH_WCC.doc recording_script_2.doc show_2_broadcast_script.doc

Various versions of the script for episode 1 of TWTTIN

Here's some of the rough drafts and cut material from TWTTIN episode 1 - as well as the full script of the show and the broadcast script

TWTTIN_Show_1_a.doc TWTTIN_show_1_draft_b.doc TWTTIN_show_1_draft_C.doc Show_1_Broadcast_Script_.doc recording_script_1.doc