You Can Choose Your Friends Final Rehearsal Script

The final draft of YCCYF including some scenes that were filmed but cut from the final broadcast.


TWTTIN series 2 - rehearsal scripts

These are the scripts that we more or less recorded the shows from, including some stuff that was cut for broadcast due to over running and not working and so on.

2twttin_2_show_1_6rd_july.doc 2twttin2_show_2_9th_july.doc 2That_Was_Then_This_Is_Now_series_2_show_3_8th_sept_06.doc 2That_Was_Then_This_Is_Now_series_2_show_4_10th_sept_06.doc 2Show_5___draft_2.doc 2series_2_Show_6.doc

Talking Cock - script

Again I think there's a lot of stuff that I ad-libbed missing from this version, but it's 95% the show I used to do. Hope you enjoy it. Warning - contains knob gags


Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace - the script

This is the most up to date version of the script of TTTOHT that I have. Some bits still got ad-libbed over and above this, but this should give you a fair idea of how it was.


Fist of Fun tour script

This is a rough script of the Fist of Fun tour show from 1996 Alas the bits we knew we've only put in in note form, but it gives you some idea of what was going on.


Another unmade TMWRNJ sketch

This is a sketch written for the Sunday Heroes section about Adam and Eve, but then we decided to concentrate on the New Testament.


Rich and Stew host CBBC

Lee and Herring presented both Top of the Pops and the CBBC broom cupboard. Here's the script for the latter appearance


Never made TMWRNJ sketch

Here is a sketch that I have no memory of ever writing about a woman who drinks urine that amazingly never made it to the TV.
Plus a letter we wrote to send off to celebs to see if we could get them to support the cause. I don't think we sent this off, but did do one about legalising anal sex which this is a poor imitation of.


The Last Word Monologue 2

My second monologue from Thursday 2nd Feb's edition of the Last Word