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Hi all I have set up a new and swanky newsletter system, which you have been added to. But some people are finding the newsletter has gone into their junk file. So I am emailing you to ask you to check your junk. Always check your junk. I am checking mine right now and it's full of salty spam. You can see the latest newsletter here - Or in your inbox or junk folder. Thanks for your time Richard K Herring

Richard Herring - Golden April Showers to you all

Hello Happy Spring time to you. Don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight. Unless you're reading this after the clocks have already gone forward. Don't keep putting them forward. If you go too far you'll be dead and won't be able to put them back again. Am having a lovely, if slightly exhausting time being a new and old dad.

Richard Herring February News

Hi all My big news this month is that I am now someone's father. My daughter Phoebe was born on the 10th February. Luckily she looks just like her mother, though she has inherited my flatulence (and we are guff twins - I can't tell ours apart).


(Richard Herring February News) Hi all Still no patter of tiny feet, or splatter of filling nappies, but baby Herring is due next week, so I thought I'd get the newsletter in early.

January extra - King ot Ediburgh Fringe

Hi all Just wanted to let you know about a couple of extra things KING OF EDINBURGH FRINGE I am eschewing the Edinburgh Fringe this year so I don't have to rent a ridiculously expensive and rubbish flat in Scotland.

Richard Herring. It's 2015

Happy New Year everyone It's a brand new year and maybe this time the human race can go a whole 365 days without anyone being a dick. Fingers crossed. My attempt to reach 72kg by January 1st 2015 did not come off (though I never dreamed it would) though I got surprisingly close, hitting 79.4kg in August. I began 2014 at 95.

RHLSTP notebook for sale

Hi all Just a couple of quick things.

It's Richard Herring Monday!

Hi everyone It's the day of the year that we all look forward to, that we've been celebrating in this country for centuries and which certainly hasn't just been invented this year to fool people into parting with their money. It's Richard Herring Monday.

Richard Herring Nearly December News

Hi all Just a couple of quick things WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! DVD This has taken a little bit longer than usual to get out, but we're very nearly there now. The DVD is now ready to order at http://www.gofasterstripe.

Richard Herring November 2014

Hi all Hope you're as excited about Bonfire night as I am. Not at all excited. To be honest I am still mainly concerned with getting all this year's cumpkin out of my hair. Though can't wait to see what Ian Gunpowder gets up to this year. Here is the stuff that you can ingest through your ears and eyes for free and for money this month.

Richard Herring - October News

Hello I’ve had a month off and put on half a stone, but now it’s back to work and back on my diet. Luckily after this year’s Fringe I can’t really afford to eat any more anyway! But I had a fun September playing Terminator 2 pinball on my computer. "Get the CPU!" Right, Terminator 2 pinball fans? Is this thing on?

Richard Herring - September News

Hello all A happy September to you all. Thanks to those of you who came to see the play and/or stand-up show in Edinburgh. I was very pleased with both, but ticket sales were not as high as I hoped (or needed to get anywhere near breaking even), so it was disappointing financially.

Richard Herring - Edinburgh News

Hi all We're just a week away from the start of the Fringe, so just a reminder of what I am up to in Auld Reekie this year, plus news of a ticket offer. Please feel free to recommend these shows to anyone you think might be interested. I am in a BIIIG theatre this year. There will be plenty of tickets available.

Richard Herring July news

Happy Independence Day! Thank goodness for Will Smith killing all those aliens. Good work Will Not much time to spare, as still got a bit of work to do on the play I am writing, but there's a nice Edinburgh ticket offer that I thought you'd like to know about.

June News

Hi all Edinburgh is looming and I am trying to write a play (about ten pages in so far, but don't worry, it will be ready in time). The We're All Going To Die! tour is over (the DVD should be out in the autumn) so most of the focus is on Edinburgh and the massive theatre I need to fill!

Richard Herring May Extra

Hi all Just a quick note to let you know that Edinburgh Fringe tickets are now on sale. Book now to ensure you get to see my new stand up show and play.

May news PS

And sorry to have missed this off, but it's important LORD OF THE DANCE SETTEE PROGRAMME You can get your name in this year's Edinburgh programme by donating £15 or more to SCOPE at The more money you give, the bigger your name will appear in the poster.

Richard Herring May News

Hello everyone I've just got back from St Petersburg where I've been researching my new play and drinking vodka (which counts as research, right?) and tonight I am appearing on Pointless Celebrities, so that's pretty much the peak of my career. I am starting to put weight back on too, so I am going to go for a run after this.

Richard Herring April News

Hello all It's nearly two years since I got married. And I am still married. It's the most successful union in the history of show business. I am going to see if we can make it to three.

Richard Herring March News

Hi cool kids. Here's all the stuff that's going on in March. RICHARD HERRING'S MEANING OF LIFE Three episodes are now in the can and after some very hard work from the team episode one is now available for audio and video subscribers. Just head to http://www.gofasterstripe.c

Richard Herring - February News

Hello everyone Hope you're having a good 2014 so far. I've been skiing (after a fashion) and caught a cold. What's your news? Here's what else is going on with me this month - it's my busiest February ever, so strap in. MEANING OF LIFE We've already recorded two episodes of this new web-based "TV" show.

Richard Herring - January News

Hello Can you believe it's 2014? It's literally the future (not literally). Read about my disappointment that we don't have hover boards yet in this week's Metro column -

Richard Herring - It's Chrissssssssttttttmaaaaaaas (in a month)

Hello all We are only a month away from Jesus' birthday, which is a time of great celebration and joy and peace to all men and comedians trying to flog DVDs.

Richard Herring - November news

Hello all We are approaching Halloween, but remember, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.... and monsters. And Frankingsteins are pretty scary too. Or maybe they're covered by monsters.

Richard Herring - September News

Hey everyone I have just got back from holiday on the Amalfi Coast, a place that taught me that if life gives you lemons, you make a sickly sweet liqueur and flog it to tourists in nice bottles, knowing that when they get it home and are no longer in the sunshine it will taste of nothing but lost happiness.

DVD news!

Hi everyone Just to let you know that Talking C*ck: The Second Coming is released on DVD today, exclusively from Go Faster Stripe.
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