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Tuesday 19th February 2019


The long and slow intellectual development of a child is a fascinating and tedious thing to witness, but getting to the point where the imagination kicks in and creativity begins is awesome. In the car today she invented the knee song which was just her singing the word knee over and over again. So she’s already as good a comedian as Stewart Lee. There’s a long way to go.
 And I am very excited about my daughter learning to write, so she can get her stories down and hopefully produce something as seminal as the Thriling Three and The Men of Phise. She is still very much in the early stages of learning to read and write and can have a shot at writing her name (which she gets so wrong it looks like an alien language, the idiot) and having a crack at saying what a certain letter is. But this afternoon we sat down to create our first collaborative book. Admittedly I did most of the work, but she threw in some very important plot twists. Foolishly, given that she is already better at drawing than me, I also illustrated the work.
It was about Brave Phoebe and her tiger, who today she called, “Eye” (not, I don’t think as a nod to the song Eye of the Tiger, but should have incorporated that). The book ran over four pages which I stuck together with sellotape. Obviously I don’t want to go into details as we’re looking for a publishing deal, but my favourite bit was when Brave Phoebe pooed her pants (which was weirdly Phoebe’s idea) and Eye (of) the Tiger used his tiger magic to magic the poo into the toilet.
I don’t want to jinx anything, but I reckon we might be on for the Booker prize next year.
Phoebe’s excitement at having actually created her own book was immense and she insisted on me reading it to her as her bed time book and is already pitching new ideas for tomorrow. Though she wants to write one about the PJ Masks which could get us into all kinds of copyright issues.

We have booked an amazing guest for March 18th RHLSTP. I will be revealing their name on Thursday, though Badgers and Dripsters have already been notified (and we’ve sold 100 tickets in 24 hours, which is extraordinary from just the secret mailing lists), so you might want to take a chance and book blind.
Still tickets for all other line ups though April 1st is nearly sold out and March 4th is heading that way.

Feb 25th - Joel Dommett and Suzi Ruffell

March 4th Les Dennis and Matt Forde

March 11th Matt Lucas and Rosie Jones

March 18th xxxxxxx x xxxxx and TBA

March 25th TBA and TBA

April 1st No Such Thing as a Fish and Alice Roberts (last few tickets)

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