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Friday 28th February 2020

We had a few friends from the village round tonight for a Games Night. I have been back drinking for less than a month and two drinks is pretty much my limit now, so I was worried things might get out of hand. Especially as we’re doing another Park Run in the morning. But could Me2 scupper Me1’s run by getting drunk tonight?
I kept it under control and just had a single beer, a tiny Prosecco and a double whisky. I did eat a LOT of crisps though. But come on. You’ve got to let your hair down sometimes. And what better way than crisps?
We played an enjoyable game of poker, where typically the newbie was hitting hands out of nowhere - the best example being a big call pre-flop against players who had pocket aces and pocket queens with an unsuited  2 and 3. Perhaps inevitably 3,4,5 and 6 came down on the board and the 2 won it. This actually followed two hands where the same player had hit trips with nothingy hands. It looked like they might take home the big prize (of nothing). Meanwhile I wasn’t getting anything and was folding, only to find I would have hit two pair on the flop. This happened A LOT. The poker gods like to punish competent play and who can blame them?
I ended up third of seven despite  not getting any hands for the last hour, whilst the newbie was a strong second. But nice to know there are people in the village who are interested in playing. It was fun.
I would happily play games all day of course, which is more or less my job anyway, either with the kids or on TV.  This evening I’d played mu daughter at a Buckaroo style game where you had to balance objects on the deck of a shaky ship. For the first time ever I played her at a game and tried to beat her. But she had a fine understanding of balance and managed to take me 8 games to 6. The pupil has become the master.
I wondered if the kids would be woken by the gentle party downstairs. I remember sitting on the stairs trying to work out what my parents were doing in the lounge with their friends and dashing back up to bed every time the door opened. I was 28 years old at the time.
But as far as I know Phoebe and Ernie slept through tonight. Which is lucky as they would have seen just how dull we are if they’d woken.

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