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Monday 27th July 2015


This run of recordings of RHLSTP came to an end with an entertaining evening with Limmy and Joe Lycett. Joe is a big fan of the podcast and basically turned his spot into him interviewing me, like he was a terminally ill child who had won a competition. It was a relaxed chat with another of the new wave of comedians who are making the comedy scene their own. Limmy on the other hand is a maverick, working alone, not part really of the stand-up circuit, or having come via traditional paths of University or radio and is consequently something of a phenomenon. We had had some Twitter weirdness many years ago that neither of us could really remember (it came out of my stupid Scotch joke and I think I thought he was joining in initially, but then maybe was really upset, but ultimately he was quite nice about it), but I was really looking forward to meeting him. His stuff is extraordinary, encompassing all sorts of kinds of comedy, and is razor sharp without wearing its cleverness on its sleeve. I’d had a fun morning watching his show and reading his book but worrying he might be an intimidating presence, but he was (as most successful comedians seem to be) a down to earth and regular guy. I even braved my Scotch accent for him, which I am not sure he thoroughly enjoyed and I feared we might have got off to a shaky start (especially when I tried to praise him by telling him how normal he looked - I was trying to compliment his ability to inhabit many different characters without doing very much), but we managed to discuss Scotch politics and more without coming to blows. There have been some very strong episodes of RHLSTP in this second series and this one was right up there. You’ll have to wait until September to hear it, but I can heartily recommend Limmy’s book (I will be giving away a signed copy to the winner of this month’s monthly subscriber monthly draw - pay a pound or more a month here to be a part of this).

And it was fun to have a bit of a round-up of the series with Joe (it reminded me of those clips episodes of Friends as we discussed who were my least favourite guests and best episodes). We were indiscrete and discussed whether it’s tragic to still be travelling round the country doing stand up in your 50s. You’ll also find out the fee that I was offered to appear on the Katy Hopkins panel show - I declined to take part. The audience also joined in a lot more than usual, in a slightly drunken and cabin fevered way, but it was appropriate. 

I have enjoyed this series of the podcasts more than any of the others (and I have really enjoyed nearly all of them). We’re certainly doing some more in the autumn, though it will again be in your hands as to whether they are filmed or just audio adventures. Joe wondered how long the podcasts could carry on (or maybe it was how long I would keep going at all), but even though I think I need to work out what exactly I focus on in my career, RHLSTP is usually fun, only occasionally personally embarrassing and relatively easy to put together. And I love shooting the shit with all these funny and clever people.

Anglonerd has added a third part to her enjoyable look at the shows that my RHLSTP guests are most famous for.

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