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Tuesday 28th June 2016


Every day I hope we will be less fucked. Every day we are more fucked.

I always wondered how it would feel to be cartoon character that has run off a cliff but is still running in midair. It’s not as fun as it looked.

All in all I think it’s worth remembering that had it gone the other way the people saying, “Shut up and accept it” would be saying, “It was too close, we need another referendum.” and the people saying, “We need another referendum,” would be saying, “The people have spoken”. We know this because Farage said exactly that when he thought he was going to lose and the petition for a new referendum was started by a Brexit guy. 

It might have been better had Remain won. I think that vote would have been a warning shot which any sensible politician (not that we have many of those) would have seen as a sign to address the concerns of so many people. I think Remain supporters might have shown a bit more respect and concern for the other side.

But on the other hand a 52-48 win for Remain might have made things much worse and created just as much racism as we’re witnessing now, but also put a rocket under UKIP and who knows what might have happened then? The problem with a referendum is you only get to see one outcome and this one is likely to be such a fudge that it will ultimately satisfy no one.

We’ll see what happens, but the civil war in the labour party isn’t helping dig me out of the well of depression. The open goal gets wider and Tories given a football each. I’d like to see a centre and left coalition to stop this happening, but given the left is fractured beyond repair I don’t think that’s very likely. To me it feels like pragmatism is more important than idealism for this tricky period. But implosion or explosion seem to be the only two options now. I am voting explode!

I have a large well of optimism and am still hopeful we can find a way to navigate this faecal storm and come out only heavily splattered in shit. But today I was laid quite low with the awfulness of our potential future. Hopefully tomorrow I can summon up the energy to find a bright side. 

We went to see X-Men- Apocalypse tonight. I think I’ve had enough of superhero movies now. It felt like I was watching a movie for teenagers. And of course I was. The thing I hate most about action films now is the way that the hero always has to be flippant in the face of extreme danger. So in this one (spoiler alert) the guy from the Sky advert who can move really fast, rescues everyone from an explosion, but makes fake bored faces and drinks someone’s cola etc as he goes about his work. And in the trailer for Suicide Squad a woman walks out of a helicopter crash as if it was a fun ride. It’s so over used and I would love to see just one action film where people reacted to stuff like this with fear or at least without flippancy. Like there actually is a danger that they might die. It’s become a knowing nod to the fact that ultimately any danger is not a massively serious danger. And it would be lots more fun to see someone rescuing people whilst shouting “Fuuuuuuck this is scary!"

But these films aren’t aimed at me so I shouldn’t be going to them. It was fun to have a night out at the cinema and there was enough to entertain in it, but like Egg in Love Actually I left saying “Enough. Enough”. And went off to kill zombies instead.

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