Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News

Interview that unhelpfully came out the day after my gig in Runcorn!

Interview with Dave

chat about coab and other stuff

Wells people review of Cheddar COAB gig

IconoGlast reviews -

Left Lion interview

Paul Klotschkow interviews -

Independent - My Secret Life

Holly Williams interviews

Chorley Citizen

Kimberley Hall reviews Chorley gig

Manchester City Life reviews COAB

4 star review from Sarah Walters

Interview with the humourdor

4 star review in Edinburgh Evening News

Neil McEwan reviews - he's wrong though, those 2 overlong bits are the best things in the show!

Interview with the Scotsman about Jerry Sadowitz

Jay Richardson asks the questions

Interview with Scots Whay Hae

Alistair Braidwood interviews

My Best Teacher in Times Educational Supplement

Janet Murray interviews - a couple of inaccuracies.

Independent piece on travel

Sophie Lam interviews

Londonist review of British Library gig

Rachel H calls for my return to TV!

Independent article about podcasts

Ian Burrell interviewed me for this slightly inaccurate article

Bexley Times reviews COAB

Tim Dickens reviews London COAB

Comedy Central interview

5 minutes with Comedy Central

Times review of London COAB

Clive Davis gives the show 3 stars

Digital Spy interview

Mayer Nissim interviews

Evening Standard review of COAB

Bruce Dessau gives 4 stars to COAB in London

Telegraph review of COAB London

Dominic Cavendish gives 4 star review

Gigglesbeat interview

Andrew Dipper interviews

Maxim interview

Interview with a few errors (eg said I was NOT as big a pervert as Ames)