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Richard Herring テや the new messiah or just a very naughty boy?

Published on Tuesday 10 May 2011 13:50

Richard Herring: Christ on a bike tour, Selby Town Hall, May 7

JESUS Christ, our saviour. Richard Herring, a comedian. The comparisons are obvious ... well, at least Richard seems to think so!

Imagine youテや决e back at school, but this time your class is at Selby Town Hall, for a change. Mr Brown, your usual RE teacher, is absent. In walks Mr Herring, a be-sandalled atheist supply teacher, who takes his place in front of a massive whiteboard and hilariously dismantles testamentテや冱, both new and old, as well as decimating the wordy inconsistencies found in the Ten Commandments.

Richard Herring brought the second coming of his popular tour テや Christ on a Bike テや to Selby, having originally given it an airing back in 2001. Despite this, it still feels fresh as Herring cross-examines himself, as well as Jesus.

In a vague attempt to justify his own existence, Richard asks himself whether he has achieved as much as Jesus had/has, eventually realising both of their failings.

Thereテや冱 little debating the fact Richard Herring courts controversy. He once donned a moustache, not at all unlike that of a certain Mr Hitler, and on Saturday night, not only did he tear apart a sacrosanct piece of religious text, he committed a bit of a fashion faux pas as he took to the stage in socks and sandals!

He accused God of テや徇aking it up as he goes alongテや, and said テや廱esus was cool. Itテや冱 just his followers that are idiots.テや

Herring debunked the elaborate family tree on the first page of the new testament, having impressively memorised the whole thing. He even managed to recite it in its acronym form, as well as backwards テや great party trick, but hardly comedy gold.

Christ on a Bike is a decent show, intricate and well researched in places, yet a little slow as it enters its dream sequence.

Jack Slade