AIOTM audio episode 6

Script for the final AIOTM audio extra - recorded 12th Feb 2017


AIOTM audio episode 5

Rehearsal script for show recorded on January 15th 2017


AIOTM audio episode 4

Script from the audio extra for AIOTM recorded on 11th December 2016


AIOTM 2016 audio episode 3

Rehearsal script for audio podcast recorded on 13th November 2016


AIOTM 2016 audio episode 2

16th October 2016 Script for 2nd bonus episode


AIOTM 2016 audio episode 1

11th Sept 2016 Script for first of the bonus audio eps


I Killed Rasputin script

This is the nearest to final draft of "I Killed Rasputin" that I have (the play changed a little in rehearsal so may be some additons and subtractions missing) but this should give you a good idea of what was involved. As the play lost £35,000 in Edinburgh I will not be able to stage it again or afford to film or record it. I am putting it up for free, but if you'd like to help me pay off the debt then head to and make a one off (or monthly) donation for whatever you think it is worth to you to read this.


RHO series 2 show 3 - page 3

Rehearsal script of the show about page 3


RHO series 2 show 2 - wheelchair

Rehearsal script of the wheelchair episode of Objective