RHO series 2 show 1 - golliwog

Rehearsal script for series 2 episode 1 of Objective - the golliwog


Fist of Fun series 1 DVD cover draft 2

Fist of Fun series 1 DVD cover draft 2

Not quite the finished article, but this is roughly how the DVD cover will look.


RHO - The C U Jimmy Hat

Rehearsal script - including unrecorded sketch for Edinburgh special 2011


AIOTM 3:6 rehearsal script

The final show's rehearsal script


AIOTM alternative final script

This was not written by me, but by Titsy and Smally the AIOTM elves. It was sent to me the night before the final show, though I chose not to use it. I haven't read much of it, but thought might like to have the chance to see how the last show could have gone.


AIOTM 3:5 rehearsal script

Penultimate show of the series.


AIOTM 3:4 rehearsal script

Here's the disgusting script from 6th June 2011


AIOTM 3:3 Rehearsal script

Chance to find out what those Canadians were actually meant to be saying


As it occurs to me 3:2 rehearsal script

Hastily cobbled togethered nonsense from the 23rd May 2011