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Thursday 30th April 2020


It feels like most people are wading through the sludge of fatigue this week. Either because of the drudgery of boredom and loneliness of the stress of not getting any down time or escape. It turns out every option is bad. My attempts to get fit and watch what I ate fell apart much quicker than usual, even with the additional threat of a more likely death if I didn’t turn things around. There’s a faint hope of some kind of release on the horizon, but the voice of reality in our brains is telling us that this has a long way to go before it is played out.
After doing so much reading yesterday I struggled to concentrate on my research material and to think of the through line that my book would take. I got nowhere.
I did at least have an exciting stone clearing where I got very close to being captured by the Davros leader of the FF, the old lady in the mobility scooter. It made for thrilling live Twitch and I hope now people will start to take the dangers of my job seriously. It’s all here if you want to watch it though you know that I don’t die so the real thrill will be gone. 
No snooker tonight as I was taking part in Steve McNeil’s Twitch channel and doing battle over retro video games with Rufus Hound. There were a few tech issues so it wasn’t a fair fight, but I knew my team would triumph. It was annoying to discover that Hound was better than me at snake, but I triumphed in hitting blocks out of a wall and (I think) Pacman and we came from nowhere to triumph, even though I’d been frozen out of most of the games. Because I am better than Rufus Hound.
I had to find out how many people were listening to RHLSTP today (been asked by my agent, though not sure why they needed to know) and was surprised to discover that we’ve had over 13 million listens since we joined Acast (which is around a million listens a month) and another 13 million views on Youtube since we started putting those up. Plus an estimate 30-50 million listens in the years before we came to Acast (and I suspect it might be more than that). That’s utterly mind-blowing. I hadn’t really thought much about it and have weirdly rarely been interested in checking (usually I can’t stop looking up stuff like that). It’s around about 250,000 per show (or per week ask there have been double shows some weeks) 
Thanks so much to you all for listening, though I don’t think you lot account for all those downloads (I haven’t checked how many people read this blog either, but I am pretty sure it’s not 250,000 unless things have taken a big upturn- I sort of assume it’s no one now, which allows me to be rubbish, luckily). I could never have anticipated it going this far.
Nice interview today on the British Comedy Guide about my resilience. If you refuse to go away they have to let you in eventually.
Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Richard Osman confirmed as upcoming guests on lockdown RHLSTP.

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