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Friday 1st May 2020


I crashed a bit today. Another early morning with the boy didn’t help. I was meant to be working, but I was more tired than I had been yesterday and I knew by 11am that I might as well cut my loses.
So I pre-recorded a snooker frame (as Friday is date night). My tiredness led to a lot of terrible mistakes, though why my fatigue affected the commentator and referee I don’t know. Hope you enjoyed it. You can watch again here.
Luckily my editor is being understanding of the weirdness of the situation and not pushing me too hard for the first draft, though I am still hopeful I can pull the book together by the end of the month. Even though that means doing 4000 words a week. Maybe I will have to back off from the Twitch stuff a little bit.
After lunch I took a turn at the much more exhausting job of looking after the kids (managing to do a basic maths lesson before letting them watch a film -which is educational as the Lion King teaches us about the circle of life). Then I nearly fell asleep in the bath before getting a bit of a second wind and doing the bare minimum to look after the kids til bedtime, successfully getting one of them down, whilst the other complained that she wanted her mum for five minutes until I lost patience and threw her pyjama bottoms at her and gave in and got her mum.
We got a chance to make friends again later as she was scared of shadows on her ceiling and called for me. I think she likes me really. I am pretty good at not losing my cool with the kids so it’s annoying when I slip up and let the little hecklers get the better of me. But she has my brittle heart twisted round her and she knows it, so she’s a tough enemy to defeat. 
And the two of them have a two-pronged attack, with the little one waking up so early that I am bound to be knackered and then the big one undermining me as a human being when I am at my lowest ebb. 
I do love my enemy though. I am not saying I am Jesus.

But we're all emotionally fragile right now. The news that food caddy collection will resume in our village in 2 weeks made me ridiculously happy and felt like a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. I have hated throwing food away and it felt like a triumph to get the little bin from under the sink and start to put scraps in it. Life might one day be normal again.

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