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Monday 6th July 2020


It’s only taken a little over eight years, and it’s only taken a global pandemic to make it happen, but Me1 vs Me 2 Snooker has finally made it to TV where it belongs. (that's not my actual house at the start, sadly).
It’s mildly annoying that they have (for reasons best known to themselves) chosen to broadcast the sport during what is ostensibly a comedy programme. But exposure is exposure and I expect the TV offers and sponsorship deals to come flooding in. My phone was lighting up tonight. Does anyone know how you switch off the torch?
Sadly Ian BBC2 (who plays himself at snooker against Ian BBC1) chose only to put our 4 minutes of the especially recorded match, but you will be able to view the whole thing if you are a badger in the Secret Members’ Area of You can become a badger here. Loads of vids have been going up lately, including a funny practice run for the O2 James Acaster RHLSTP (full show out on the usual feeds on Wednesday), my director’s commentary of the Brian Blessed RHLSTP and me interviewing myself on stage at the Leicester Square Theatre some years ago.
To be honest it almost seems comical at this length and makes me look a bit crazy. 
It’s also a slight shame that the programme has come out when lockdown is more or less over and sport is back on the telly. When I recorded this about 3 months ago they were pretty insistent that I got it to them by the weekend so I assumed it would go up almost immediately. I might have taken more time over it if I’d known.
I probably wouldn’t have though.
I may be being selfish but I think it was worth the death of thousands of people and the collapse of our economy if it meant self-playing snooker gets this kind of exposure (there’s no better slot than at about 10 past 10 on a Monday on BBC2) and I don’t think you’d find many people who would argue otherwise.
I am prepared to wait for the world to catch up with my ideas. Usually someone else takes them over to make them mainstream, but hopefully I can ride this snooker train all the way to the Crucible.

I’ve completed two days of keeping to my calories (more or less) on myfitnesspal and am feeling loads better already. I have put on 3kg during lockdown which I should be able to shift pretty quickly. Though it’s a bit galling to look back a year and see how well I was doing then. I am 7kg up on that, but still 8kg down on where I was at the start of 2019, so  it’s not a total disaster. I am recording some telly at the end of the month and need to fit back into my clothes, so that’s a pretty good incentive to knuckle down. Same old story. If you’ve been reading the blog for more than a year then you know what to expect from this recurrent yo-yo theme.

Just before lockdown I recorded an episode of the My Time Capsule Podcast with the great Mike Fenton Stevens. He got the exclusive on Bella’s Pudding, but like the hare, he dawdled and the Off Menu tortoises got it out there first. It was a fun chat from what I recall

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