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Sunday 5th July 2020


My son is really into the Youtube Channel Steve and Maggie.
I find it a bit childish personally, but he likes its mix of songs, cartoons, puppetry and scaring the shit out of him with stuff about ghosts and zombies. To be fair to Steve and Maggie my son wants to be scared and enjoys it, but without them I don’t think he’d even know that there was such a thing as zombies and mummies. And talk about them as he goes to bed and have nightmares about them.  And the annoying thing about that is there isn’t such a thing as zombies and mummies. So Steve and Maggie are teaching my son a load of shit.
But the galling thing about Steve and Maggie is that Maggie (I am assuming Steve is the human) is a puppet crow who talks in a distinctive squawking voice. Where does Steve get his crazy ideas? He doesn’t even do the good bit by making every word a pun on egg. He can’t even copy properly.
Of course Histor and Pliny were parodies of the kind of things that would appear on kids TV, so it’s obvious that Steve has come up with the idea of an annoying crow independently. The irony is that if we’d just waited 20 years then most of the things we did on TMWRNJ could have been played “straight” and put out for kids on Youtube. Maybe we should just have done an actual kids show. It was close enough (and indeed the Organ Gang started as an idea for kids and probably should have stayed as that). 
Ah well, I am not sure I’d have enjoyed a career of hurting my throat squawking all the time and putting the shits up 2 year olds. Steve and Maggie (Maggie really - she’s the talented one) have 4 million subscribers. Think of the cash they’re raking in. Imagine how much my son would respect me if he knew I’d been the voice of a shit crow 22 years ago.

Another fun and relaxing day (I fell asleep for 20 minutes in the warm conservatory) at my in-laws. At 5pm we went out to clap the NHS on their anniversary, but no one else in the long road my in-laws live on seemed to have remembered. So it looked like we were just applauding the occasional cyclists and pedestrians and cars that went past in the next five minutes. When we got home a car passed us as we were getting out of our car and my son applauded it. Good to see the message got home.

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