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Thursday 24th September 2020

I know life isn’t going to be back to normal for a good while, if ever, but this enforced time at home is making me slightly reassess my priorities. I took the dog for a walk this morning and listened to Michael Ian Black’s podcast Obscure. In it he takes the insane decision to  read Jude the Obscure from cover to cover, whilst occasionally discussing his own relative obscurity. Who would do such a potentially tedious and ridiculous podcast? He also likes poker and has written a book about the need to rethink masculinity. It’s like he is the American me or I am the UK him. I am very much looking forward to chatting to him next week.
I took a plastic tub with me and picked some more blackberries as I walked. There were more out than there had been at the weekend and I got quite a haul. Even though brambling involves a fair amount of being prickled I felt very content utilising my time in this way, multi-tasking and getting free fruit given to me by nature. The simplicity of it all made me feel very content and I was looking forward to making another crumble with my kids after school. 
Michael was talking about his desire to be able to stay at home all the time and I empathised.  The prospect of just hanging out making pies and bread, walking the dog and tossing off the occasional stupid podcast and doing the odd bit of writing seemed very appealing. It’s not like I’ve been doing loads of other stuff beyond this in my career, but why reach for any more? 
When picking blackberries alone brings such contentment.
Obviously it’d be hard to feed my family with blackberries alone, given their short season, but no one else seems to be picking them and we have a freezer, so who knows?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be home all the time, walking dogs, reading books, writing books, taking the occasional acting role of a wanking pervert, appearing on a TV quiz show every few months….?

Six more months out of the rat race of show biz and I might go full Tom Good. Or full Tom Evil.

After I’d chosen some stories for tonight’s Ally and Herring and Phoebe was back from school me and the kids had a messy time making another crumble. These fun times don’t last forever.

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What a world.

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