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Wednesday 23rd September 2020


I was up at 4am again, when I seem to be woken either by my son or my bladder or usually both (as it was today) and anxiety and nameless dread (and also my son wanting to start the day) meant I didn’t get back to sleep. I can cope with this once or twice a week, but it’s been every day for a while now and I wasn’t in a fit state for much.
I’d been already awake for three hours when I did my stone clear chapter for the week and discovered that you can’t clear stones and pick blackberries, which is a piece of wisdom that will echo down the ages.
I decided that I wouldn’t try to find a last minute guest for a RHLSTP and maybe take it easy for most of the day. But with some Twitter prompting decided to do a RHLSTP with no planning with Ally and Sally, probably just for Twitch and the more dedicated followers of my work. But maybe for wider consumption if it turned out OK.
So it was basically a day off, albeit one where I improvised two podcasts.
It’s been a while since I’ve just kicked back and had an afternoon to myself and not been trying to do something. I finished Osman’s audiobook (and noted that his as yet unwritten and unnamed follow up is higher in the Amazon charts than my book which is out in a few weeks), having got very little correct in my guessing at who murdered who. It’s a smart and funny book, but I also enjoyed the sad philosophies on ageing and dementia and reaching the end of your span. We didn’t really need any confirmation about how clever and witty Richard Osman is, but he is an absolute genius when it comes to entertainment and a very strong author too. I suspect he would succeed at anything he attempted. Except maybe hiding himself in very small spaces.
I also idly watched Blade Runner, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen all the way through before. In fact I might never have even watched it part of the way through (even though much of it is familiar from clips and photos). Given its basically about sexy (if violent) robots you may be surprised about that. I actually didn’t get quite all the way through it this time. I didn’t like it all that much if truth be told. But will probably watch the last 30 minutes at some point in my life. When you’ve waited this long it’s not a great hardship to wait a bit longer.
I was sort of regretting the decision to do a RHLSTP when I could have just slept, but a couple of beers put me in the right frame of mind and I don’t think it was a total waste of an hour of my (and maybe your) time.
Catch up here and see me reading out the original sketch that I performed in 1987 involving Ally and Sally.  Incredibly 1500 people have watched the video in the last 12 hours on top of the 900 or so that tuned in at some point on the night. It will go out as a podcast and on YouTube too. 
A second lockdown could cement this as the greatest entertainment of the 21st Century. So fingers crossed for that.
Had a nice Talisker and watched half of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey with my wife before basically passing out (from tiredness, not drunkenness). 
Nice to have an afternoon of Lotus/Solero eating. Had so many of those in my life and never knew how precious they were. Because like stones in a field there were everywhere, til time had cleared them all away and I realised too late what I had had.

RHLSTP with Sindhu Vee is now up. She is an amazing force of nature. This is a really good one. Better than me talking to a puppet anyway.

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