12 Shows of Herring flyer

Flyer for my London run in August and September 2015

Photo by Steve Brown

Design by Stephen Newman


12 Shows of Herring Poster

12 Shows of Herring Poster

The poster design for the 12 shows of Herring at the Leicester Square Theatre

Screen_Shot_2015-07-04_at_16.53.09.png 12_shows_of_Herring.png

Happy Now? Leaflet 1st draft

The first draft of the Happy Now? leaflet

Photo by Steve Brown

Design Steve Newman


Kickstarter T shirts

Kickstarter T shirts

I made handmade T shirts for everyone who donated £75 or more to the RHLSTP Kickstarter. Here they are. Which one will you get? They will be given out randomly, no dibs.

shmoo.jpg rhlstp_76.jpg 75.jpg 74.jpg FullSizeRender-45.jpg FullSizeRender-44.jpg 2015-07-13_11.07.08.jpg 2015-07-13_11.07.29.jpg 2015-07-13_11.17.21.jpg 2015-07-13_11.26.42.jpg talc.jpg ham.jpg PAID.jpg COW_.jpg GTSGLSTP.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender-1.jpg FullSizeRender_53.jpg FullSizeRender_54.jpg FullSizeRender_49.jpg FullSizeRender_48.jpg FullSizeRender_47.jpg FullSizeRender_46.jpg FullSizeRender_45.jpg cave-06-25_14.24.52.jpg hand_2015-06-25_14.29.22.jpg rhlstp_2015-06-25_14.34.26.jpg 2015-06-22_13.21.51.jpg 2015-06-22_13.12.39.jpg 2015-06-22_13.08.27.jpg 2015-06-18_11.14.43.jpg 2015-06-18_11.15.08.jpg 2015-06-18_11.15.47.jpg 2015-06-18_11.16.09.jpg 2015-06-18_11.26.16.jpg 2015-06-18_11.33.12.jpg 2015-06-15_14.52.32.jpg 2015-06-15_14.52.04.jpg 2015-06-14_10.52.26.jpg 2015-06-14_10.48.58.jpg 2015-06-14_10.43.01.jpg 2015-06-14_10.34.53.jpg 2015-06-13_16.37.18.jpg 2015-06-13_16.44.51.jpg 2015-06-13_16.52.22.jpg 2015-06-13_15.42.31.jpg 2015-06-13_15.36.05.jpg IMG_5110.jpg IMG_5109.jpg IMG_5108.jpg IMG_5107.jpg IMG_5106.jpg IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5104.jpg IMG_5103.jpg IMG_5102.jpg IMG_5097.jpg IMG_5096.jpg IMG_5094.jpg IMG_5093.jpg IMG_5092.jpg IMG_5095.jpg IMG_5091.jpg IMG_5090.jpg IMG_5089.jpg IMG_5087.jpg IMG_5086.jpg IMG_5085.jpg IMG_5084.jpg IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5082.jpg IMG_5111.jpg IMG_5100.jpg IMG_5101.jpg IMG_5098.jpg IMG_5099.jpg IMG_5081.jpg

Random Lee and Herring article about love

I don't know where this comes from, I just found it inside the copy of Deadpan magazine that I am selling on ebay. But it contains some rubbish jokes about love. And a nice photos.


I Killed Rasputin script

This is the nearest to final draft of "I Killed Rasputin" that I have (the play changed a little in rehearsal so may be some additons and subtractions missing) but this should give you a good idea of what was involved. As the play lost £35,000 in Edinburgh I will not be able to stage it again or afford to film or record it. I am putting it up for free, but if you'd like to help me pay off the debt then head to http://www.gofasterstripe.com/badges and make a one off (or monthly) donation for whatever you think it is worth to you to read this.


Runner's World Interview

Chat about half-marathon running and SCOPE.

A few inaccuracies. I have never listened to the Cult (and can't work out what they misheard) and I don't stay in a hotel in Edinburgh during the Fringe