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Thursday 25th May 2023


A lot of hustling for RHLSTP guests, but no further movement.  Do I wait and hope for big guests or cave and just give you people who will be very funny but you won’t pay to see? The stand off continues til Monday and then the panic sets in. 

We’ve had some little visitors in our house over the last few months, only in the kitchen ceiling thankfully, but we’ve been doing all we can to get rid of them, because even though they’re not really affecting our lives, they’re still in our kitchen ceiling, which feels a bit horrible. I think we’ve actually sorted the problem, but keen for it not to happen again, so I’ve been looking for their access point for ages. I got some of that expanding foam to fill in the gaps I could find and have tried to work out which pipes coming out of our house are functioning and which might be blocked up. There’s a huge pipe outside our bathroom with no cover on it and no way of connecting anything, so just in case it couldn’t be blocked I nailed a sieve to it. None of my blockages have been disturbed, so we’ve still been searching for the hole. They were just in one part of the ceiling and we’d worked out the access must have come from the wall behind a cupboard so my next thought was that they might be getting through a hole under the decking. We don’t really like the decking anyway and were keen to see what was underneath it, so we got someone to come and take it all up today. It took several hours of sawing and toil to remove it. We found one possible hole, but it was a long way from the wall and didn’t seem to be the culprit, but I filled it in anyway. It became clear that the paving under the decking was not fit for purpose as I’d hoped, so we’ll either have to replace it or get someone out to repave the area (and there’s some cables underneath that need to be hidden away) so that’s another expensive job to get done. The guy doing the work for us was keen to solve the mystery and it was only after he’d finished destroying the decking that he noticed there was a flap over a hole right by the wall that we were concerned about. I don’t know why we hadn’t considered this before. It’s not possible to reach easily cos it’s above the wood store and I’d assumed it was the kitchen extractor fan and that it was protected against intruders, but we realised it’s an extractor fan exit from some time ago, that is no longer used and the slats are wide enough to allow in some small vermin and the flap that blocks the hole might be movable by some small vermin. It seem 95% certain that that the entrance point for the exterminated creatures. Which means we can now block it. But it would have saved a lot of time and effort and sticky foam stuff on my clothes and skin and all over the bathroom cupboards (as I brushed against them) and the expense of taking up the decking and replacing it. Those meeces might be dead, but they are having the last fucking laugh.
I mean when looking for a hole that the creatures could access that particular bit of wall, maybe I should have thought to look at whether there were any holes right there.  But I wouldn’t be the hilarious sitcom character that I am if I’d done that. Even if no one gets to watch this sitcom. Unless this blog counts as a sitcom, which I suppose it does.

I am going to take a little break from Twitch, but tonight did another Twitch of Fun episode that didn’t entirely suck ball. You can watch it here.

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