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Wednesday 14th June 2006

I went out clothes shopping for my imminent Tobagon holiday (it's a holiday in Tobago, but I think I will try and go on a taboggan while I am there). I thought it might take me a couple of hours to pick up some T-shirts and some beach shoes and some new swimming trunks, but I was still trudging around four hours after I got into town. The problem with shopping for clothes (for me at least) is that whilst at the beginning I am ultra choosy, by the end I am buying anything that chances into my field of vision, just so the nightmare can be over. So shoes and shirts that I passed over in the first sixty minutes were probably infinitely preferrable to the ones I bought in the last quarter of an hour. If only I had been so random in the first place then the ordeal would have been over much quicker and I could have gone down the pub and started my holiday early. I am not at all sure about the items I ended up with, but at least I will not go naked on my toboggan.
Buying some trainers for the beach was the most bewildering experience of all. There is nothing worse than a middle aged man in trainers that were designed for sixteen year olds and yet my knowledge of this kind of footwear is so small that I was not really able to tell which were the young person trainers and which were the ones that could be worn by a man like me or David Cameron. I figured that the ridiculously wide trainers were the ones that the youngsters have claimed as their own and went for some of the not-wide ones.
Once it was all over I was able to consider that by the end of tomorrow I will be sleeping by the sea either celebrating an England victory or a Trinidad and Tobago one. Either will be cool. A draw might be even better.
I don't know what the internet access will be like over there. I will no doubt write something while I am over there, but it might not be updated til I am back. I have been invited to a wedding in Trinidad on Saturday. It is the wedding of someone I don't really know too well, but who was too impressed by the coincidence of me being in the same part of the world as his wedding that he kindly invited me. It is a man who has figured in Warming Up. He is the man who fainted in this entry. I think that will be a cool wedding to go to. I love Warming Up and how it feeds upon itself (though have just found out I don't have the actual address of the wedding so if anyone involved knows it please email me). Have a good week everyone. I will think of you on the beach.

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