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Thursday 29th October 2020


Taskmaster 3 tonight and my worst performance of the series so far, but I was robbed of points (spoilers) Penguin Race was better than a mattress (that CERTAINLY didn’t have a spring in it), so that’s one point docked. And more importantly my upside down film was DEFINITELY better than Daisy’s shockingly bad effort. I don’t think Greg even watched it properly (he was also not watching when my film came up on the vanishing task and the first play made everyone else gasp, but seeing it twice allowed them to work out how it was done) and fixated on my “acting” as if I was trying to realistically portray what would happen if a room magically spun upside down for no reason. My film was a homage to Luis Bunuel and the life-defining film Un Chien Andalou, in which case the acting was spot on anyway. But it wasn’t the acting, it was the technical mastery of me being stuck to the ceiling and objects still falling on to the floor, which (aside from the phone) was pretty seamless. 
I think I was so undermined on the day that I didn’t realise quite what an injustice this was. But I am fuming now. I think second or third would have been fairer (again Johnny was the winner - and this injustice actually impacted on him, as Daisy should have had fewer points meaning he won the episode). 
Judge my effort for yourself (and see how a divided nation was finally united in disgust at Greg’s judgement - he’s clearly jealous of me) here 
If this whole series comes down to a point here or there, then I will be   fuming. I am now no longer top of the leader board, bug I SHOULD BE. I shall have my vengeance.
Great episode though and to be honest Daisy was so good on the catapult and spaghetti tasks that she surely deserved it. And we had almost psychic understanding of each other in the studio task. Sorry Johnny. You’ll miss that fruit machine.

In the end my RHLSTP jumper went for £20 less than I paid for it. But that’s not a bad result for a second hand jumper. I regret giving it away. But that’s half a grand to Scope which is probably better than me spilling beans down it. 
I was on Twitch most of the day (starting with a live stone clear,  then commentating on the last 20 mins of the ebay auction, then doing Twitch of Fun and finally doing the watch along of Taskmaster with my lovely wife (and dog).

I had been quite affected by the news of Bobby Ball’s death. Before I became too cool to admit to liking something so mainstream, I had love Cannon and Ball and clearly remember being in tears of laughter watching it with my sister. It’s one of my favourite childhood memories. Bobby was a phenomenon. Not only did Rik Mayall turn up on the Cannon and Ball show, he was clearly influenced by the manic anarchy of Bobby.  As a student I wrote a sketch taking the piss out old school double acts in which Bobby Knife and Sid Spoon decided to form a triple act with Colin Peterson, a man who sat in the corner drinking beer, whilst Sid tried to sing a serious song and Bobby produced some braces from his pocket and twanged them as they hung loosely from his hand. But in the end the double act I formed owed a lot to the dynamic, even if we performed it with a detached degree of irony. I would do a sketch with Ben Moor where I stamped on his Twix and laughed at his tears, which owes a lot to Tommy smashing Bobby’s trumpet in another classic Cannon and Ball sketch.
Once again I also regretted that I had failed to get a guest on RHLSTP before it was too late. Would really have liked to have the boys on the show. And now, just like the Chuckle Brothers, it’s too late. Glad to see this RHLSTP clip doing the rounds in tribute though.
Anyway it was nice to be able to pay tribute tonight on Twitch of Fun which (spoilers) starts with me trying to do a serious obituary, but Ally comes in and spoils it by messing around and shouting catchphrases. And then at the end (more spoilers) we sing Cannon and Ball’s theme tune together. Again a bit more poignant for me as I’d been watching C and B do their song a lot when trying to write my own version “even though we’re different. We’re still best friends”. There was a tear in my eye. And I wasn’t really winking at it. Rock on in Peace Bobby.

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