AIOTM Autumn Special 2 script

Rehearsal script for AIOTM episode 21


script for show 2 of RHO

Rehearsal script of RHO show about hoodies


Richard Herring's Objective - script for show 1

The rehearsal script for the first episode of the Radio 4 series broadcast on 14th October 2010


As it Occurs To Me - Autumn Special 1

The script for AIOTM #20 recorded on 11/10/10. Quite a lot of work done after the script was printed up as you will see.


Front interview

Front interview

20 questions from Front


Series 2 show 8

Final rehearsal script of series 2 of AIOTM, with a version of a hastily discarded 10 commandments sketch (became stand up bit instead)


Word magazine

Word magazine

Interview with Jude Rogers - a few garbled facts, but mainly OK!

word_1.jpg word_2.jpg

Hitler Moustache programme

PDF of Hitler Moustache programme.