Richard Herring's Manhood

Proposal for my never made Richard Herring's Manhood Radio series.


Monkeys and C words

This was a short story I wrote for a competition in 1994. It didn't get anywhere in the competition, but did form the basis of my show Richard Herring is All Man. Also we recorded a sketch based on this for Fist of Fun, which didn't make it on to TV. All I remember is that the bloke playing my body double was about 2 inches shorter than me!


'TMWRNJ' Treatment

This is the treatment from 1996 of a Sunday morning comedy TV show that I wanted to co-host with Nick Owen. It was essentially a fore-runner of TMWRNJ, before we decided to make that a Lee and Herring thing. I am very glad I ended up doing it with Stew, but I did meet Nick Owen for tea in the Ritz and he was very keen on the idea!