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Sunday 13th April 2014
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Sunday 13th April 2014


What do you know? I think this was the best RHMOL yet. Even though it had been the hardest script to write and we had the smallest audience of the run (still 200ish in), somehow on the night it came together. It had involved some last minute writing in the morning, including adapting an old half-idea about shoulder angels and devils into a sketch and some prudent editing based on last night's gig, but maybe that's what this project requires. Some of the new ideas could possibly have done with a few more run outs to knock the edges off, but given all the limitations I was really pleased with how it worked. I was more relaxed and playful and we've learned a fair bit in the previous four records. And we had time to do a full run through of the script which didn't happen in shows 1 and 4 for various reasons. Plus I got to have sex with a doughnut and then have to retake the sex with the doughnut so that it could be captured properly on film. I think the sex with the doughnut bit is going to be worth the £15 series pass fee on its own.

And the interview with Professor Lance Workman (who if academia doesn't work out for him has a name made for the porn industry) hit just the right balance of silliness, serious discussion and me asking him if he'd be prepared to dress up as his non-existent sister so I could have sex with her (him).

What a relief it was, as I had anticipated this show being a bit of a messy hotchpotch, but actually it had quite a nice through-line and worked towards a conclusion. With a bit more work it could have been a tour show in itself - and the idea of rewriting both the seven deadly sins and/or the ten commandments would actually provide a great structure for an Edinburgh show. Perhaps I will revisit it some way down the line. I did include a routine about my argument and near fight with the 10 year old who was cycling on the pavement recently and it feels like there is more mileage in that, so that might find its way into this year's Edinburgh show. In its mix of old ideas revisited, new stuff and stuff that might get developed later on it had a real past, present and future feel to it. But the main point of this project is to find out what is possible and explore this potential new medium for comedy. Five shows in I think we're all getting a better idea of what we can achieve and where we might go with it. And I think we can really crack a series like As It Occurs To Me on this model. Using the last minute nature of it all as a positive and riding the wave of adrenaline that comes with it, but also doing some pre-filming with our expanding team of enthusiastic and talented camera, sound and animating people. I am very glad I didn't go with my gut/flight instinct and postpone this recording. There's just one more to go til the series is all in the can (though lots of editing work to do - episode 2 has some fiddly last few bits to do, though work has begun on episode 3). It is an achievement just to have got this far. With your support we can do much more. Either financial or just promoting the idea by letting your pals know about it would be great. Episode 1 has had about 20,000 views now on youtube and vimeo. And for every 20 people who watch, one seems prepared to make some level of investment in it. So tell 20 people and you'll probably earn us a pound!

It would be an enormous boost to get a big crowd for the last one, so come along if you can. It's only a tenner and my guest is the brilliant Aleks Krotoski.

Thanks to Chris Evans (not that one, or that one, Christ I've mentioned him enough that you'd think you'd know which one I meant by now) and all his team.

Bizarre to see all the Marathon runners mooching round the city post-race with their chunky medals this evening and to realise it's ten years since I did that myself. I don't think I will ever do it again, though have commited to do the Royal Parks Half Marathon again in the autumn (and am hoping to come in in a more respectable time). If you want to relive the 26.2 miles of pain, here's the blog entry from that younger, stupider and fitter man that I once was, but no longer am (well maybe still stupid).

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