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Tuesday 8th April 2014
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Tuesday 8th April 2014


More Fubar fun with Lou Sanders in what might be the best show yet (tune in on Thursday night at 7pm), though we both ran out of steam towards the end as hunger overtook us both (and unusually Lou hadn't brought her grazing trough with her). Hunger is good, as it means I should lose weight, but it's distracting when you're trying to talk shit. Nobody had emailed in to win the vinegar, oxo cubes and licked baby food from last week, so it's a roll-over. If anyone wants some hald-eaten stuff then do email in I am not sure that anyone is listening at all, which is a shame because they are missing some excellent xenophobia.

I walked to Kings Cross from the studio after we were done, something I've taken do doing when I have time. It's about a 30 minute walk through a strangely desolate part of almost central London. Ultimately the route passes the swanky Guardian building before I cut across to the station, but there's a lot of building sites and shells of buildings being regenerated and an abandonned old tube station, York Road. It's surprising that the building still stands (especially when, if I am reading wikipedia right, it was shut in 1932). I am glad it does though. Because I love stuff like this. It's all fenced off, though tantalisingly the doorway was open today and had I not had stuff to do and if I wasn't a coward I might have snuck in to see if I could find a way into the building itself and then down on to the platforms (or at least where the platforms once were). It's hard to believe there was ever much call for a tube stop in this particular area, though I think the Guardian journalists might appreciate it. The letters from the front that say "Entrance" and "York Road" have been removed, but the words are still readable from the gaps left behind. I wonder if it has listed status or whether London Underground have just been waiting for 80 years for a time when it's financially viable to open the station up again. But I enjoy looking at it as I pass on this mainly unhistoric walk. Maybe if the Thriling Three had kept going then we would have dared to go inside and solve crimes (or get run over by a tube train going from Kings Cross to Caledonian Road - I must make sure to look out for the ghost station next time I am doing that journey).

And excitingly the first version of the Lord of the Dance Settee poster has now been completed by the brilliant Steve Brown. Hope you like it.

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