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Tuesday 4th February 2014


Weight 91.3kg. Weight lost in January 4.1kg. Remember though if you've bet on my end of year weight that mass can go up as well as down.
Straight back into things today with the realisation that the next Meaning of Life is only 12 days away and my first preview of material was tonight and I didn't have anything that could be called a script. I am also shortly going to be starting a new weekly radio show (I don't think I can give the details out yet) so headed down to the studio to meet the producers and my cohost and play around with the control desk (I've never been entrusted to run one of these before, but it looks reasonably simple). Then I got a call from my manager asking if I could also give a few days to help put in some ideas to a TV show I like. I managed to find just three available days in my diary this month. I am actually relishing the hard work ahead of me and I am delighted that people want to employ me, but February and March are going to be tough. But not as tough as having a proper job. My only worry is when will I be able to fit in some more Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker? Obviously that comes before my wife and my personal happiness, but I fear that this important work will be squeezed out by the paid work. Like many great artists pragmatism and the practicalities of life sometimes mean my masterwork must be neglected. But hopefully one of these things will become enough of a hit that I can dedicate the rest of my life to playing myself at snooker every second of the day. 
I did manage to cobble together some material for tonight's preview. The next show is about love and so, if necessary, I have 90 minutes of stuff to fall back on, but I want the internet shows to (at least mainly) be stuff that isn't on my DVDs. There was a fair bit of material from the love show that didn't make it into the final edit, though annoyingly I can't find any script from the previews (I think I wrote that whole show in my head, night by night and didn't commit much of it to paper), but I have a few promising odds and sods as well as a couple of routines from the show that were so central to an examination of the subject that I have to use them in some form. And I have some thoughts on marriage (after all my experience of that) and falling in love with unobtainable people that I think might make the cut. The audience at the Pleasance Theatre tonight seemed to like most of what I did, so there's the basis for a good show already. I had noticed that my button flies were partly undone just before I walked on stage, but didn't have time to do them up as I had already been announced. I hoped that if I pulled my jumper down no one would notice, but afterwards the first tweet I got informed me that they had noticed the problem. I was just relieved that nothing had popped out of the aperture. As we used to say at school, the cage was open but the beast was asleep.
My wife had risen from her sick bed to do a set at the same gig. Her mind is always enjoyable befuddled, (which is one of the things that makes her exceptional) but the lurgy made her moreso. She accidentally gave the punchline to one routine when she should have been giving the feed line (we've all been there) but managed to get laughs from her mistake. I too was a little bit ill, but I don't have time to let the germs overtake me. Let's make an appointment to be ill in September, body.
Progress is being made on Meaning of Life. Very soon you should have a chance to make donations in various ways (from £1 up) and we're going to start putting up various bits and pieces on the free vimeo channel and I don't think we're too far from having the first episode ready. And that rapidly approaching third episode will be recorded at the Leicester Square Theatre on the 16th February. My interview guest will be writer and agony aunt Virginia Ironside. Tickets are selling well (and are only £10) so if you want to come then book now. I am slightly overwhelmed by the support that you are giving to this project and delighted it's getting an audience. I hope you enjoy the finished product.

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