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Wednesday 1st January 2014


My new year's resolution is to play and record a frame of Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker every single day and I got off to a flying start by having frame 42 in the bag by 1pm. My wife says she will divorce me if I attempt this feat, but some things are more important than love. As listeners to this podcast will attest. Not one of them has a partner of any kind, because being an avid fan of self-playing snooker means you have no time for human relationships. You have to be ready, at a moment's notice, to listen to another frame. My wife doesn't understand many things about me, but she is convinced that the snooker podcast is a waste of my time and an embarrassment and bad for my mental health. I will show her when I am king of the Universe. Then she'll wish she hadn't divorced me.

Also I plan to tweet every shot so that the deaf can enjoy/can't avoid this sport too. It's going to be an epic 2014.

Some listeners have expressed concern that creeping commercialisation and sponsorship might overwhelm what is important about the podcast (namely the sporting contest between two largely matched opponents). I hope this won't be the case though there did seem to be a lot of mentions of the Snooker mugs and T-shirts available at Hopefully some partisan designs in support of one or other of the players will be added soon. If there's anything you particularly want then let me know, most of these things only sell one item anyway, so we might as well tailor the service!

I had hoped to get a bit more work done than this, but somehow the day got away from me. We did manage another run (7.8km) in the wind and rain and darkness. I already feel fitter than I have for a long time (even when training for the half marathon) and I sprinted up our road at the end. There is something invigorating about running whilst being buffetted by the elements. Obviously my main focus has to be the snooker, but hopefully I can keep the running up too. Presumably I am using up a lot of calories playing snooker too, twice as many as a regular snooker player would rack up (pun intended), but I can't find self-playing snooker on the list of cardiovascular exercises on myfitnesspal (sort it out guys).

For those of you who are playing "Guess the Weight of the Gonk", (it's now too late to enter) I will attempt to keep a monthly update of how things are progressing in my attempts to get from a ridiculous 97kg to a frankly impossible 72kg by the end of the year. This morning I weighed 95.2kg. But the snooker alone has probably taken 5.2kg off that.

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