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Wednesday 14th July 2004

CNPS numbers spotted 1 (903).

I love vandals. They really brighten my boring day. Having just got my car back from the garage yesterday as they finally fixed the damage I cleverly did myself with the aid of a kerb, it has now immediately been damaged again by person or persons unknown. As I walked out my front door today I immediately noticed that the back windscreen was not as it should be. I hoped I was just looking through it and seeing the shattered windscreen of the car behind, but alas on close inspection it was my windscreen that was shattered. There was a small puncture mark in the top left. It was very unlikely that this had been caused by a collision (unless someone had a long pole on their roof-rack). It looked more like someone had decided to just give my car a whack with a something like a ice-pick.
I had been planning on going for a brief CNPS drive this afternoon, but now I would have to take my car back to the garage for what I was guessing was going to be an expensive repair. I was more annoyed about the loss of writing time than anything. I am way behind still and can ill afford unnecessary interruptions when I am so good at finding ways to prevaricate any way.
As you may remember I recently despaired at the vandals who slashed my car tyre, but not satisfied with the inconvenience and expense of that they seem to have returned, or sent some of their friends to cause me more trouble.
I could begin to take this personally.
Maybe this is a prelude to my long anticipated leg-breaking. Though one would feel that if someone hated me and wanted to damage my car they could do a lot better than this.
I think it is more likely that the CNPS gods are continuing their campaign of making me the modern-day and not particularly inconvenienced Job. Why me? Why does everything bad in the world have to happen to me?
When will people stop protesting about Iraq and start protesting about all the shit that is happening to me?
Honestly, I have the hardest life in the world.

Still when I got in the car to drive to the garage and shut the door the window crumbled to pieces in rather a satisfying way. There were a couple of people standing next to the car who I think thought I had been shot!

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