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Thursday 4th December 2003

I have no doubt that you all clearly remember the gas/electricity debacle I suffered when I moved into my new house. Firstly it seemed that no-one was supplying my gas, then I found out that London Electricity were (whilst British Gas were providing my electricity- what's that all about?!), then I decided that I'd get British Gas to supply me with both gas and electricity. Although it took a little while for all the forms to get through and the paperwork to be done the switch was eventually made and I got my last gas bill from the electric company and paid it and thought that would be the end of the matter.
But recently I've started getting letters from "London Energy" (they've changed their name, realising, I'm sure, how much business they were losing from people who didn't want their gas supplied by a company with "electricity" in their name) asking me to provide a meter reading.
Another one arrived today, promising me a discount if I made my own reading. But, I am wondering just how much a discount they can actually give me on the nought pounds that I actually owe them.
Just like some people can't accept it when a relationship is over and keep ringing you and badgering you to get back with them (I have never done this to anyone else, or course. Nope. Not me. And if I have it's only because they haven't realised that I am perfect for them, so I've been helping them really. But like I said, I haven't done that), London Electricity are trying to pretend that I never dismissed their services; they've even changed their name to try and confuse me.
I tried to ring them today to let them know about their mistake and to tell them I really didn't want them pumping gas into my house: I'd found someone new. But I think they must have caller ID because I hung on the line for about 45 minutes and no-one took my call. A woman kept butting in to tell me that my call would be answered shortly. After three quarters of an hour I wondered how London Energy define "shortly". Possibly in a similar way to how they define "I no longer require gas from you, so please leave me alone."
I sent them an email instead and though they at least acknowledged it, they haven't replied to apologise for their error.
I just know I'm going to end up paying both British Gas and London Energy and probably London Electricity as well. In fact if anyone else who doesn't supply me any kind of service would like to bill me for it anyway, then go ahead. I'd rather just pay up than make a fuss.

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