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Tuesday 13th February 2018

That door opening robot is awful. What kind of a pervert would want to have sex with that?
I mean obviously I will give it a go until something better comes along, but come on robots scientists. You have to do better than this.

It was Galantine’s Day (lets face it, it’s no St Skeletor’s Day)’s the Herring household and my wife had some friends and their kids over for a home cooked brunch. I wasn’t quite sure whether I was allowed to take part, but I ate as much of the stuff as I could snaffle away, whilst trying to keep an eye on the kids and feeling lousy from snot bug.
It’s been a full on week since last Tuesday when my daughter threw up on her bed and I was as run down as I have been since probably this time last year, when I also started my tour with an impossible to shift bug. 
So I largely managed to switch off my brain and let the chaos of a house full of kids (there were actually only 5 kids and one of them was a baby) go on around me, as I sat stupefied and hoping to feel better. 
Today I felt my age.
 But I managed to summon up the energy to help with bath time and then watched Mary Beard’s documentary about Julius Caesar. I then finished off watching  “When We First Met” a film I grudgingly watched due to my obligation to ingest anything that involves time travel. It is so obviously a bad Groundhog Day rip off that I wonder how anyone involved in it could look at themselves in the mirror. I spent most of the time wondering how often someone said “Oooh it’s a bit like Groundhog Day” when told the premise and then how the person involved in the film tried to justify that it wasn’t really like that at all. But then the other person adds, “Not just Groundhog Day, I mean it’s a bit like Big too. And most other romantic comedies”. Imagine you’ve been given all the money to make a film and you decide to spend it on making a much worse version of a film that already exists. 
It’s so hard to get a film made. Wouldn’t you at least want to feel like the film you made was your own? Or that the film you failed to get made wasn’t someone else’s?
I don’t know. There’s an element of show business that is a money making scam of course, but it’s upsetting to see talented people happily make something so derivative. And the thing with show biz is that if you do it well and originally you can also make money. So you don’t have to cheat and trick people.
Maybe I am not being entirely fair on this film. I mean, it does have the twist that the girl that the bloke goes back in time to try and re-woo is actually not the one for him and it takes him going back in time to realise that her flat mate is actually his destiny. Except you can see that from the first ten minutes because they do a bang up job of making it clear the original girl is not right for him.
Anyway, I managed to watch it in 3 sittings and there was some OK stuff in it, I suppose. But c’mon dudes. At least try and add something to the time travelling genre. Or have someone say - Hey have you seen Groundhog Day and then someone else shout “SHUT UP. This is different.” And then someone else say, “What about the bit where he knows what drink she likes because he’s already lived this day?” and then have someone really shout “FUCK YOU. This is different. And it’s not like Big either because it’s a photo booth not a Zoltar that is magic. And also there is no reason why a photo booth would be able to do magic so that’s different too.”
It’s not even bad enough to be an Adam Sandler film. But you know it’s on Netflix, so it’s free (sort of).

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