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Thursday 8th December 2005

Worrying developments with the DVD version of "Jerry Springer:The Opera" which was written by my friends Richard and Stewart and not (as about one person a month seems to think) by me.
The stupid right wing campaign group, Christian Voice, who seem to not understand anything that Jesus said or meant have been stirring up the shit as usual and have somehow convinced the stores Woolworths and Sainsbury's to withdraw the DVD from sale.
It's an unpleasant development in this country where free speech is paramount and one that I think we should do all we can to resist. If these stores can be swayed by a handful of nutters then surely if a greater number of sane people threaten to boycott these stores then they might go back to behaving properly. If I boycott Sainsbury's then the company will fold through lack of yoghurt sales alone.
At the very least let these people know what you think, as apparently Sainsbury's was swayed by 20 emails from protestors. I think we can do better than that.

If you wish to contact Sainsbury's with your views you can visit and complete an e-mailable form or call their general enquiry line on 0800 636 262.

If you wish to contact Woolworths you can send an e-mail to or call the company's headquarters on 020 7262 1222.

Much as it galls me to help the career of SG Lee who is nowhere near as good without me, you must also all buy this DVD from the stores sensible enough to stock it.
Let's make it the Christmas number one! It's what Jesus would have wanted. It really is. It's all the turn the other cheek and give them your coat stuff.

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