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Wednesday 30th September 2020


A bad night’s sleep made worse by looking at Twitter at 3am and reading about the Presidential debate. The slow plod towards the cliff we’re all going to fall off is unbearable. Why can’t we just run and get it over with. We’re clearly not going to turn. I'd quite like to go to sleep tonight and wake up in 2030, but the only way that's realistically going to happen is if I fall into a coma and I'd be 63 and would have missed most of the kids' childhoods.... I'd still take it.
At 3am the madness that I pretend to be experiencing in my podcasts threatens to engulf me, but I am always OK again when the sun is up. I guess 3am is a good time to be insane. My wife kindly allowed me a lie in, but it wasn’t quite enough to shake off the disrupted night.
Another podcast tonight, of course and I had the delight of prepping for my chat with Michael Ian Black. I finished his excellent book “A Better Man” which is out in the UK tomorrow,
I hoped that he would be as charming and self-effacing in real life and open to a bit of teasing. Luckily it turned out that he was. I had a fine time chatting with him for well over an hour (plus a nice chat beforehand too). We are similar in many ways and not just because we both have a book about the crisis in masculinity coming out this year.
The podcast will be out in a couple of weeks. We’ve used up nearly all our store. And it’s been nearly a month since I’ve done a proper one of these, but it felt better for the break. There was some serious chat, as well as some worm and polystyrene silliness.
If you can’t wait you can watch it now on Twitch
I had been feeling exhausted before but this fun and thoughtful chat perked me up. RHLSTP remains a pleasure, even as I career towards the 300th episode (there’s already been way more than that if you add them all up).
And I wonder what mayhem we can create with Michael’s underpriced cameo 
I also did a little bit of last minute prep for the audio book which we’re recording tomorrow. I want to make this as good value as possible, so have been looking for extra bits to add in. The recent twitter conversation about Serena Williams has turned into quite a nice bit.
You can preorder that book or the audiobook here.  It’s only about a month away from being published which seems insane.
And it’s looking like quite a Herring saturated couple of months with Taskmaster today announcing that the series will start broadcasting on the 15th October, which I think means it will finish on 17th December. The Chase will be on soon after that and I think my Tipping Point is finally being broadcast in November. If my unbroadcast Pointless goes out in this time frame then there’s going to be a whole lot of opportunities to see me competing for TV prizes before the year is over.

A RHLSTP went up today of course with the wonderful Maria Konnikova. It’s about poker but some other stuff too. And it was her who told me about Michael’s book so there’s a nice synchronicity to these happening on the same day.

I was tired at bed time and my son was annoying and wouldn't let me put on his pyjamas. I told him that I was tired and didn't need this nonsense, but he had no empathy at all and just carried on giggling and squiggling. But minutes earlier he and his sister had been running round naked in a mad circle for no reason and I realised that this wasn't the kind of thing that they'd be doing in 2030 (I mean I hope not) and it was almost enough to make up for the frustrations. I felt a distant echo from the past, as if I remembered doing the same thing with my own dad and him getting annoyed with me. I don't think I remember it really, but it definitely still happened.  I will not apologise to my dad, but expect my 53 year old son to apologise to me when I am 102.

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