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Friday 23rd February 2024

Say what you like about Liz Truss but if I had to snog someone who had been PM, if I HAD to, (and if Harold Wilson says no), it would be her. My fetish for evil Tories is well-known and far from exclusive, but usually I only like them when they are in power and able to wield their immoral crusade against humanity - Suella Braverman and Priti Patel are only hot when in office and the minute they get sacked I feel nothing - but with Liz, I felt nothing when she was PM, mainly because she wasn't just bluster and actually did terrible stuff that hurt us all, but now she's flailing around, vulnerable and embarrassing, she is suddenly the former PM I am most interested in kissing (after Harold Wilson and I'd like to give Spencer Perceval a peck and warn him about what's coming).
So look things haven't been going well for Liz, but if you are a heterosexual man and have to choose which PM you would snog (whilst they were in office) and I reckon Liz is going to come out top, though Maggie might nick it. No offence to Theresa May, but she still gets third place, which to be fair, the Tories would be happy with if that was their placing at the next election.
Of course it's not right to sexually objectify politicians, but it's also not right to kink shame people and so you're stuck in a conundrum here, wokies.

We watched 57 Seconds tonight, which even by the low standards of most time travel films comes out very low. They barely use the ability to travel back 57 seconds in time, except to win some money on roulette and to have sex with a girl (who he could still have had sex with if he;d just explained that the photo was of his sister, not his girlfriend and if he'd just kissed her feet when she asked him, rather than trying to make it look like it was his idea). They didn't even stick to their own rule that you couldn't use the time travel ring again during the 57 seconds, as the protagonist pointless Groundhog Dayed his way through this romantic encounter, completely needlessly. Morgan Freeman wanted to market the rings to stop all accidents, but what might have been more fun would be to see a world where millions of people had these rings and so consequently nothing moved forwards at all, because time would have to go back for everyone every time anyone used the ring and if we were all using them to cheat in casinos or slightly improve a shag then time would be stuck going back 57 seconds forever, as someone else would be pressing their ring at every possible moment. It'd be wonderful chaos.
I don't think they put a lot of thought into the film though, and Morgan Freeman just picked up his cheque. If only this ring were a time ring I could go back and not watch it. Or the last 57 seconds. Or maybe more. Depending on how the rules worked out.

A really fun RHLSTP (ostensibly a book one, but loads more in there) with the amazing Rosie Jones up wherever you get podcasts 

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