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Tuesday 18th February 2014


Been a whole lot of chatting going on this week already. Today I headed up to a secret location (or maybe it's just hard to find) near Caledonian Road to record my first show for Fubar Radio. It's a new internet station that I believe will be available to listen to via an app. It all starts up on Thursday (though as I am on tour we pre recorded our show) or so I am told. They seem to be keeping everything secret. There's not much info on their website yet, not even the names of the presenters. Though they've got quite an impressive comedy line-up. I just hope they will let me and you know how you can hear it all. Apparently the app will be available to download on Thursday. I hope so, or the work we have done today will just be rebounding around the internet with no one to hear it. If two comics talk shit in a studio and no one is around to hear it, do they make a sound? Yes they do.

Three hours is a lot of time to fill, especially with only four records an hour, but Lou Sanders and I didn't run out of stuff to say. We were joined for the middle hour by Danielle Ward who had lots of interesting stuff to say about Sting's lack of sense of humour, Susan Sarandon's ping pong tournaments and Meryl Streep's bass impression (Danielle has just been in New York in a triumphant production of Julius Caesar). Lou is delightfully bonkers and I feel I am helping out society by keeping her off the streets for three hours a week. She's come up with all kinds of fun formats such as "What's in the bag?" where I have to guess what object she has put in a bag and "Buy Lou a house" where she invites listeners to give her money to buy a house with. She is very funny. I did a couple of packages based on my blog and the Meaning of Life show, but hopefully can spread my wings a bit further over the coming weeks and use this opportunity to generate some new material too. It's a fun opportunity to dick around on the (internet) radio. And it's refreshing not to have to watch our filthy mouths. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Try and find it on Thursday (7pm -10pm I believe, but I am sure you'll be able to access the show at any point due to the power of the web). Who knows?  I accidentally let slip the name of a secret presenter who is joining the station in a couple of weeks. I didn't know it was a secret - his name was at the top of the list of emails I had been given. So it's lucky we weren't going out live.

Afterwards we went out to Pizza Express with my wife. My diet is going well and I have very nearly got under 90kg (it's still about 14 stone so let's not fly the flags just yet), but I don't want to deny myself the occasional fun night out. And by sharing a pizza and a salad with my wife (and having been to the gym this morning) I managed to just about stay within my proscribed calories for the day, even though we drank a bit of wine. Given that a whole pizza is over 1000 calories it is quite a good idea to only have half. It's all the fun of having a pizza, but without pretty much eating all your available calories in one meal.

I felt like I'd earned the night off after a full weekend of work. And I might take the morning off tomorrow too, before heading to Reading for the first of a four day run of the tour show. Reading and Liverpool are sold out, but I believe there are tickets for  Cambridge and Colchester. Details here. And I still have to find a second guest for next week's RHLSTP (to join Red Dwarf's Robert Llewllyn). The podcasts will start going up next Monday, with the Adam Buxton pod to kick us off. You can get free audio on iTunes of the British Comedy Guide or pay for video (or audio) at (Chris Evans - not that one- is setting up the new payment page in the next couple of days).

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