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Monday 17th February 2014


Maybe it's my increased levels of fitness or maybe I've just pulled myself together and realised that my job is mainly fun, but I got through today without too much stress of feeling too knackered. Previously just doing two RHLSTP chats in a night would make me severely fatigued and I was worried that doing them the day after a Meaning of Life would take the wind out of my sails, but at the end of the evening I felt alert and vaguely satisfied. The last time I did one of these I spent the week feeling mortified that I might have upset Stephen Merchant, but tonight I had two fun and funny chats with the cuddly and lovely Adam Buxton and the spiky and lovely Jenny Eclair and then went home. It felt good to be back doing this show now on its unprecedented fifth series, but only because I am the commissioning editor who decides if it's going to continue. I have committed to more in the autumn so there's going to be at least six series. Aside from the slight hassle of booking guests (and the fear that they might not show or that no one will be interested int doing it) I wouldn't mind doing these interviews every Monday of the year. I can do all the work that needs to be done on the same day and then, as happened tonight, the conversation usually takes on a life of itself anyway. The first episode of the new series will be out, I suspect, next Monday on paid video and free audio. I hope those of you who listen for free might consider donating a tiny amount of money (either as a one-off or per month at

I tried to run into work this afternoon, but had a rucksack full of my show clothes and notebooks which made things a bit harder going. I got to the top of Notting Hill before deciding I would walk the rest. But walking into town burned up enough calories to allow me a decent sized dinner and a glass or two of wine when I got home.

As always I massively enjoyed walking through London. The journey takes about 80 minutes longer than going by tube, but it gives me time to think and perspire and I find it quite mediative. The park was less busy of course and I didn't see any evidence of recent illegal drug taking, but it felt unfeasibly good to be walking over a thick carpet of grass. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt lush greenery like this under my feet. That's not good. I must make more of an effort to get into the parks, but also out of this stinking city and into the countryside, before it's all underwater. Will I be able to describe to my aquatic grandchildren how it felt to experience this? Or why it made me so happy? I am not sure. I am not doing a great job of explaining it to you.

The "I Paid A Pound" badges that we're selling at gigs are moving slowly (I think we might have got rid of four more tonight), but the box they're in is falling apart. I had to carry them home and wanted to get a cab to make this easier, as I could foresee the whole lot of them cascading on to the pavement or tube. But it was raining a bit and there were no cabs around so I risked public transport. Call me Nostradamus, but just as I got home the bottom fell out of the box and I nearly shot my load. Luckily only a few badges dropped and I picked them all up. They are worth a pound each after all (well they cost a pound each). I don't think I lost any. Still some way from paying for the badges, but thanks to those of you who've donated so far.

And another guest announced for this series. On March 24th I will be talking to the man from Uncle (not The Man from U.N.C.L.E) Nick Helm. Buy your tickets here.

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