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Saturday 15th February 2014


Only Dan Tetsell could risk going against God and nature by marrying on St Skeletor's Day. How could he tempt fate in such a way? Or perhaps he is Skeletor wearing a (not-very) sophisticated human skin. I fear for his poor bride. But then I would have done whatever day of the year she'd married him.

Whatever the case the supporting artist of AIOTM (though weirdly no one was mentioning that in the speeches, preferring to concentrate on his work on Hollyoaks) got wed today and flatteringly he chose to have his reception at Bush Hall, clearly a nod to the fact that much of the Radio 2 series "That Was Then, This Is Now" was recorded there. The happiest time of his life recalled as he took part in the second happiest event of his life. Is there another series of "That Was Then, This Is Now" in the pipeline? I am sure the best wedding present he could have received would be to hear that I was considering bringing back AIOTM. But I didn't want to overshadow the marriage so I kept that from him for another day.

I had spent the day working on the Meaning of Life script so it was nice to have a bit of a break and a chat with friends. Disappointingly few of the Hollyoaks babes had made it down from Chester where they all live, though the couple's comedian friends had all turned out on the promise of free drinks. As many people commented it looked like the BBC Radio Light Entertainment Party. Weirdly though I am feeling quite calm about the next few weeks, even though my workload is quite intense. Tomorrow is the third episode of Meaning of Life, then then next day the first in a new run of RHLSTP, then the next day the first recording of my new weekly radio show and then I am off around the country with "We're All Going To Die!" For some reason I am relishing all of this, rather than feeling terrified or stressed. Maybe it will be different when tiredness hits me, but for now I am unnaturally calm. I've got loads of RHLSTP guests to book in too. Why am I not panicking? Am I dead? Is this all a dream? Or is my life just too much fun to get stressed about?

And for those of you coming to Mach Fest in May, as well as doing We're All Going To Die!, there will be a RHLSTP(EATMCF) on the Friday night at 6pm. Not sure of the guest yet, but it's bound to be fun. Book here. I updated the gig guide to include all the details of the tour (plus links) today and I was amazed and delighted to see that many of them are either sold out, or very close (in fact really only Hull and Margate seem to have plenty of tickets left), so do book ahead if you're planning to come. My thirty year plan to achieve mediocre success finally seems to be paying off.

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