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Thursday 10th June 2021


Twitch of Fun is BACK. I tried out a few new puppets, including one my son has nicked that I’ve been using to entertain him at bedtime. It seems to be a good sign if the kids like a puppet (they went nuts for the King of the World) and Phoebe had run in from her own bedroom to meet Marvin the Monkey, a very reasonable and Kermit-like simian and Ernie shrieks with delight every time Marvin pops round the curtain round his bed. He seemed to go down well with the idiots who watch the show too and it’s nice to have a well mannered puppet rather than another right wing one, though I feel like there’s something unpleasant lurking beneath the surface.
Phoebe then wanted her own night time puppet and handed me the dragon that she’s had since she was a baby. Usually I come up with the names - Marvin came from nowhere but seemed to suit - but Phoebe said she wanted this puppet to be called Dragon Boneman which was a little bit of genius. His voice was a bit too like Marvin’s at bedtime, but by the time we got on screen it started to settle into a Micheal Caine-like cockerney accent.  Both these puppets seemed to eclipse the one I had most wanted to introduce, Looneybird, who is nothing like Emu crossed with the bird from Up and who has proven herself semi-mythical by being quite green and thus appearing to be partially invisible in front of the greenscreen. I only discovered that on starting the show though. Most comedy comes about by accident.
Even though I am really trying to make this show entirely improvised so it doesn’t’ encroach too much on my proper work, it still took up most of the day as I searched for stories and loaded up the pictures. 
It will be up on YouTube 
Or if you prefer, as an audio only podcast 
Incredibly we are at episode 40 of this thing. We’re still a little way from the first anniversary and given how much time has been lost to illness it’s pretty crazy that I have managed to get so many episodes out of this. 
There might be too many characters now though.

I was very tired today as the kids woke up super early, but still managed another row this afternoon and so the price of my machine has now gone down to about £283 a go. If I can use it three times a week for a year then it’s going to be very economical indeed. I suspect I might not. I am making steady progress with weight loss and seem to be shedding about 0.1kg a day, but it’s all feeling very manageable and I don’t feel I am missing out on anything. Will this be the time I manage to change my lifestyle and make the weight loss permanent? All common sense says not, but it feels different this time. But I do say that every time.

The just giving page is raising about £1000 a day, which is amazing. If this carries on I will have hit £153,000 by race day. Incidentally I have already raised more money than I did for running an actual Marathon in 2004, but I guess I was young and had a full scrotum then, so maybe this half marathon is more impressive. Do donate if you can.

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