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Wednesday 12th May 2021

I did one of the Apple Fitness exercise bike classes and got a lot out of it.
Who am I?
Did they extract my coolness with my testicle?
Because I was so cool before.
You remember.
I did one to rock music and thought the bald man doing the session was quite funny and self-deprecating. I pretended I was one of his crew, joining in with the jokes (they have some people doing the class with the instructor so you can pretend you’re really there). I then imagined afterwards that we showered together in a friendly manly way and then went out for a beer to celebrate our successful ascent, three times up a mountain.
I can’t wait for virtual reality to become so immersive that I can live this sort of thing seemingly for real, rather than in my slightly limited imagination.
But being able to do something like this from home, whilst feeling like you’re taking part in something (even though it’s pre recorded, so you really aren’t) is a bit of a game changer. Certainly in saving travel time and being able to make 20 minutes of exercise basically fit into 20 minutes. And good to be at the point where it’s comfortable sitting on a bicycle!

I also did two longish dog walks and for the first one my wife came along too. We very rarely take the time to do these weekday walks together (this might be the only time, at least without the kids) and we took a different route to usual and I showed her a house on the hill that I have garden and outbuilding envy for. I don’t think we will move any time soon, but I am not sure we’re in the house we’re going to end up in. I can not keep up with everything that needs to be done in our current small garden, so I don’t know why I want anything bigger. But I guess I am the kind of man who uses Apple Fitness, so anything is game now.
There’s also a really stony field right next door, so that might swing it.
I mean it’s not for sale and we are not in a position to buy it even if it was, but nice to dream of the future, in a year when the future suddenly seemed finite.

On my evening walk I went round the field with the hares that morph into birds and stones. At the top of the hill I saw two hares (or birds or stones, but I am pretty sure they were hares) sitting in the distance. The hares make me very happy. It feels like a good omen to see them. This year, more than ever, I am really enjoying the connection to nature that living in the countryside brings. Appreciating the time to myself. Walking is not only good for the body but sparks up the imagination too.
There’s a sewage works on one side of the field though, so that brings you back to reality.
Felicity Ward was my guest on RHLSTP tonight - a fabulous comedian who seems to combine spirituality with realism in a very enjoyable way and like me, is able to find the humour in the misfortunes that she has encountered. We are closing in on out 500,000th Twitch view (we started on 499,000 exactly tonight). More than half of those came during last year’s international men’s day marathon, but it’s still a remarkable figure for all the nonsense I’ve been spouting.
I am sure that as (or if) the world returns to normal there will be slightly fewer Twitch shows (and the live RHLSTPs give us 10 weeks of output which takes the pressure off), but I am not going to stop completely and as long as I have time I will try to get a weekly Twitch of Fun out.

RHLSTP with the woman I went with a walk on this morning is now up on audio here Video here
Someone’s punching above their weight. Luckily she’s got a nice personality.
And there are a couple more remote ones to come, though one isn’t going to be Twitched. Next week I am talking to Jackie Weaver (she of no authority) and on 2nd June, I will be live streaming with one of my comedy heroes Nigel Planer (my first Young One).
I am desperately trying to book the remaining guests for the live shows too. Hopefully have news about May 24th soon.

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