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Thursday 12th December 2019


My most comfortable House of Games win tonight and the team gallantly took out my embarrassing gaffe (I suspect more for time than to save my blushes). In a tricky round where you had to get the answer and then give an answer from the round category with the same initials, the answer to the question was Harry Hill but I needed an American President with the same initials and I knew it was Hoover. Unfortunately I said Henry Hoover in the heat of the moment and it took Richard Osman laughing his head off at me to realise my vacuum cleaner based mistake.
But for once I had a good Answer Smash round and only buzzed on one that I didn’t really know and made it three first places in a row and with a second in the other contest SURELY I’d done enough to win the trophy… but wait, it’s double points tomorrow so if I come third there is a chance that I will end up second overall or in a play off…. What will happen? Surely I won’t go for loads of Answer Smashes again and ruin it. But what if I need to get the Answer Smashes? Maybe I don’t. Just trying to build the tension. But it’s a thrilling denouement and worth tuning in. It’s been moved to 7pm because it’s so exciting it deserves a bigger audience. BBC2. Don’t miss it. I just want to be back on telly. And to have a bit golden trophy….
It’s the most exciting contest going on this week.
I had voted early, though not often, which I believe is the key. I had decided to have a vain stab at doing this tactically and all the websites claimed the Lib Dems had the best shot at unseating the Tory, but no papers were mentioning this as a likely seat and I think the Tory got over 50% of the vote last time, so I was pissing in the wind. I am not really sure what I really hoped might happen. All the options seemed to come from the dark time line and my preferred one was that like last time, it resulted in a mire or less hung parliament, in the hope that would make everyone compromise a bit (even though it didn’t last time). My worst option was definitely a Tory loss, preferably with a few big players falling and hopefully Boris himself being given the kicking he surely deserved. But a Labour majority, as unlikely as it seemed, wasn’t something that filled me with delight either. I thought the decision to have Corbyn at the helm was a mistake from the start, though my major issue was that I didn’t think he could ever win people round (not because of the Media - I think people are clever enough to understand that game and am put off by the left wing people who seem to think that anyone who votes differently to them is gullible and unable to see the truth - especially given the stuff they themselves swallow). I guess if he proved me wrong then that would be OK though. We could have done with some politicians in all parties who were willing to compromise just over these last few months, but Corbyn didn’t seem able to compromise with people in his own party, so that never seemed likely. There was plenty of stuff I’d be happy to see happen in the Labour manifesto.mSo it wouldn't be terrible if he won. I just didn't think he could win. And unlike some people I didn't think that getting an extra Lib Dem MP was the same as getting an actual Tory (even if they did end up deciding to go insane and shore up the Tories, they were still not as likely to vote with the Tories as a Tory). So I guess I voted with the hope of somehow these forces that refused to cooperate before the election working out some way to cooperate after it. Maybe that would involve a new Labour leadert coming in who wouldn't insist on all or nothing. You may call me a dreamer.
Stopping Boris getting the majority that it has always seemed certain to me that he’d get, had to the priority. But it could have happened without an election. Why did any of the other parties agree to the election? Surely they could all see it was going to go tits up.Why was I able to see where everything was heading at each turn but they weren't? Why was I allowing myself to have any kind of hope that I had got anything wrong?
I have an early start tomorrow and a full day of work where I need to be sharp, so I intended to go to bed early and then check the election progress when I woke up. But as I finally got into bed at about 9.45pm I thought, tired as I already was, that I might as well wait to see how the exit poll was looking. I had by now allowed myself to fantasise that a late surge would unseat the Tories and maybe even give the left leaning and central parties a chance of coalition. What if Johnson lost his seat?
I was quickly brought back to reality with a fairly brutal exit poll that would have to be very very wrong in order to give anything but a sizeable majority to the Conservatives.
And now I was never going to get to sleep.
What a fucking idiot.

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