Informed Edinburgh review of WILA

Edinburgh Festivals / Richard Herring – What is Love Anyway?: Fringe Review

Comedy Review: Andrew Jeffrey

Richard Herring came into this year’s festival highly acclaimed and experienced, creating a buzz and subsequently high expectations for his “What is Love Anyway?” show. His résumé includes comedy shows on the BBC 2, radio shows, and multiple appearances at the Edinburgh Festival.

Unfortunately for the sell-out crowd the show didn’t produce any material close to matching those lofty expectations.

His long and often boring dialogue leading to what should have been five-star punch lines left the crowd puzzled and wanting more. His quips and anecdotes regarding his perception of love were immature, predictable and most importantly not funny.

Herring does bring a high energy level to the stage which is important for any comedian, but the written material, including a seemingly never ending poem, a 15 minute story about his grandmother, and a palaverous speech about Ferrero Rocher chocolates rendered the energy level wasted.

With so much comedy to choose from during the festival, you would be wise to not be lured by his credentials, and stay clear of this show. I’m sure the two girls sitting in front of me who began playing with their I-Phones mid-show would agree.