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Thursday 9th December 2021


We’re picking up the last few scenes of Relativity today and tomorrow, so after dropping off Phoebe (Ernie is still off school, though in good spirits) I drove to London, (my car tyre air loss indicator went off at one point, but the tyre looks OK so I think it’s just taking the piss) to sit in on some scenes I’m not in. 
The scripts were written quickly and it’s been a while since I did them and so a lot of it was a lovely surprise. Alison and Phil had us crying with laughter with a bit I’d entirely forgotten about. There are some good bits in this series. Should it all be good bits? Probably not all bits that make you laugh like this - you need some recovery time.
It’s a bit of a jolt to be back to this after a month away and if you include the writing time it’s making this feel like the longest project ever. We didn’t have the whole cast today, as we were doing Ken and Margaret scenes, but it’s a relief to be finally getting it all in the can. Especially given the uncertainty over Omicron. It just takes another lockdown or one person to get ill, so fingers crossed we can all be fit for the full cast who will be coming in tomorrow.
Things were swinging along fine, so I went home again after a couple of hours, meaning I was in the car for much longer than I was at work. I am listening  to Stephen Fry’s enjoyable Audible series about Secret Edwardians, which is very interesting and includes some stuff about Cheddar Caves (and the shenanigans involved in stealing stalactites from other caves to stick them in the Cheddar Caves) which reignited my interest in trying to do a Deadwood style comedy drama about the early years of the discovery of the caverns. One day I will get a Cheddar project made. I need a statue of myself in the village. Hopefully they will knock down the Market Cross and put it up there.
I was back for lunch and played with Ernie, who was full of beans, but has to wait 48 hours from his last incident of sickness to go back into school.

Twitch of Fun tonight and I was so tired that I considered doing it in my pyjamas. But weirdly the ones where I am that out of it seem to be the best. Stuff spilled out of me, much of it stuff that should have stayed in there. But the hour flew by and there was some funny stuff in there. I think I was better than the puppets and they’d had plenty of sleep, so it just goes to show. Up in the usual places on Saturday if you’re not one of the live crew. Am I damaging my legacy with this insane show? Do I even have a legacy to destroy? 
I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done, but then an insane person would think that. But the most important thing is that I nearly always really enjoy it, as, it seems, do the few hundred people who watch it. The rest of you will catch up eventually.

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