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Thursday 7th December 2023
Thursday 7th December 2023

Thursday 7th December 2023

The news is out - at least to people on my mailing lists and anyone who has been reading this blog. I am taking Can I Have My Ball Back? on tour! Dates are here. I will be adding in some more previews, which will be in London or near to my house mainly and who knows - if things go well then I might be coming to some other places. But this is it for now. Most of my day was spent dealing with - why aren't you coming to x? questions. It's either because I've just been there with my other tour, or because theatres didn't book me. Believe me if I had a choice I wouldn't be going to half the shit holes on this list and would certainly be in big cities like Birmingham and Liverpool where I might sell some tickets. There are a couple of bleak runs where I'll be lucky to be playing to 100 people a night! I hope you can make it. And if I am not next door to your house I hope you might travel a little way. I will be travelling a lot further.
I am really looking forward to it. The previews I've done have been great so far and I haven't really buckled down to work on it yet, so I think it could be a special show. And if it is then I will probably keep touring it. I used to be of the mindset that you do a show for a year and move on to the next one, which is a strong work ethic, but for an act like me it maybe takes longer to build up a head of steam and if I do a good show then I think now that I should keep touring.
It is mildly frustrating not to be an act that sells all their tickets within 5 seconds of going on sale and I doubt any of these will be sold out by the end of the year or for most by the time I step on stage. But your support is appreciated and if you keep coming in modest numbers I will keep doing shows. And if I can keep going for 30 more years then I reckon I might be able to sell out medium sized venues within 2 months of going on sale. But even then people will ask me why I am not going to a place I have just been to.
One person said had I been put off gigging in Leeds after what happened in 2019. But that rather ignored the fact that I did a preview in July, a RHLSTP a couple of months ago and Leeds is on the list of venues I am coming to. So you really can't please people. Especially idiots. But that's all I have,
My son's band, in which he plays the bass were doing a concert at school this afternoon (along with lots of other school bands) and I wanted to go, but in the end had too much tour admin to get through. I saw a picture and he looked very cool with a guitar! But I bet this is the day he remembers and he forgets about yesterday.
I did let him come upstairs before Twitch of Fun to record some puppetry and jokes and he had lots of fun and didn't realise they weren't going out. Phoebe is not so gullible though and she hung out ready for her non-appearance.
So tonight's Twitch of Fun was rather dominated by Fluffy Rabbit as I watched my daughter slowly feed off the attention and the (imagined) laughter and turn into a monster. Worth a look. Ally was on form again luckily. Don't try to script it madam.
Phoebe knocked over my water after repeatedly being asked to watch out for it and ran off apologising meekly, after 15 minutes of high status piss taking. Luckily no harm was done to all the computer equipment. Or unluckily depending on how you think this show affects my career.
I managed a 6km run in there somewhere today too.

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