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Tuesday 7th January 2014


One week into the year and I have lost 1.8kg. If I can carry on like this then by the end of the year I will weigh 1.6kg. I see no reason why that won't happen. I have exercised every day and have only gone over my allowed calories once (and only by 50 calories). But the first week is always easy and there is a long, long way to go. But my resolve is not wavering as yet and I think I am being sensible about it this time. Usually I make a big show about giving up booze and chocolate, but this time I am allowing myself to partake when I feel like it. I had a couple of small glasses of wine after my gig tonight and enjoyed them and even though I had 500 calories remaining I didn't think, "Well I can drink another bottle then." My resolve is strong and I am feeling healthier and fitter already, although last night I couldn't sleep as my mind was too active, so there are down sides. I wish I could go back to the old sluggish me who never had a thought in his head.

Somehow though the clear head is making me feel like the ridiculous amount of stuff I have committed myself to is going to be achievable. Tonight's preview of material for Meaning of Life went well. It was mainly stuff for this month's episode about the paranormal, but I tried out some additional material about death (most of which is not in We're All Going To Die!) and it all went down well. I also watched the first ten minutes of a lightly edited version of the first episode and although I could see a slight nervousness on my face at times, I was mainly impressed with how assured it looked. I had feared that I might have retake some of that material, but I think it's good enough. And that the series will improve as I relax into it. We're hoping to get that first episode out some time this month. Obviously I will let you know when it's up and about the ideas we have for you to contribute to the costs (if you want to - the episode itself will be free).

And I think I have decided that I will write a play for this year's Fringe and what the subject is. I am going to write about Felix Yusupov, one of Rasputin's supposed assassins. It's a project that I've been thinking about for a good long while now, but never quite had the time to get on with. Initially I was thinking of doing it as a film, but I think with the right staging we can make it work as a play. It's a bit more serious than Ra-Ra Rasputin, which is still not dead in the water, but is face down and hasn't moved for a little while, but will certainly have its moments of comedy. Christ knows how many actors I will need or how expensive it will be to produce, but 2014 seems to be the year of get on with making stuff and worry about the money later.

And it feels like quite a pivotal year already, in a make or break sense, with Meaning of Life, RHLSTP, We're All Going To Die! and Chedwood in the next few months and then I Killed Rasputin and Lord of the Dance Settee (if those are the titles of the shows and if they actually happen) in Edinburgh. And that only takes us through to September. Even workaholic Sarah Millican expressed concern about how much I was taking on, but then again look where her hard work has got her. I am just pleased to still be feeling creative and having the chance to showcase this stuff. These things could all be hits and my life goes one way, or they could all be flops and my life goes another. What's remarkable is that out of all of those projects only one of them is on the table thanks to a TV channel. All the others are things that I am doing off my own bat, some of which will earn money, some of which will cost money.  How I love this autonomy. How I love that we now live in a world where creative people are not reliant on money-men and women to get on with it.

It's daunting and terrifying, but I mainly feel excited about it. Check back in 12 months to see how my weight and career has progressed. You all know exactly what's going to happen already, but it's the hope in my eyes that makes the inevitable failures all the more satisfying for you. I know my place.

The first confirmed guest for the next run of RHLSTP is the extremely entertaining Greg Davies who will be joining me on 3rd March. I think he might be the perfect RHLSTP guest and am very much looking forward to that. I also have a big comedy name pencilled for the first podcast, though I can't name him or her until it's all confirmed. It's definitely worth the gamble booking for it though, as it will sell out as soon as it's announced (last time I gave you this kind of steer the guests turned out to be Simon Pegg and Stephen Merchant). I think we're going to have pretty top guests for all the dates as it happens. Book now to ensure you are close enough to the comedy superstars to be hit by a fleck of their spit. If you want to wait until guests are announced then do keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook feeds, as some will sell out instantaneously.

And some new partisan Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker designs have been added to the mugs and T-shirts you can buy at I think even more are going to be added tomorrow. It's nice to have such a massive range for such a niche podcast, but there are also RHLSTP and AIOTM designs on there as well.

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