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Sunday 4th January 2004

As you might imagine I am heartbroken to read the rumours that my ex-girlfriend has got married to someone else.
I just don't know how Britney could do this to me.

(Ha ha, I am funny. I could go back to Weekending any time. You know, if it still existed).

Still it is good to see Britney getting married "for a joke". It wasn't as if they were drunk; apparently they'd had to wait a couple of days for the paperwork to come through. I don't quite see where the joke in this lies. "Ha ha, we're married and we don't want to be.... oh we'd better get an annulment, which will probably be a fairly tedious and embarrassing procedure.... ha ha... oh."
But it's not a bad idea. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself and your own stupidity. I'd like to see more couples doing this, or more precisely, I'd like to see one partner do this without the other's knowledge. They'd have to court them, convince them they loved them, propose to them, organise the wedding and then just as the vicar pronounced them man and wife, they'd say "Ha ha, only kidding!"
"What do you mean?"
"It was a gag. I don't really love you. I married you for a bit of a spree. Get it?"

But in a way, doesn't it turn out that that is what a lot of married couples end up discovering in the long run? Aaaaah! Think about it. It's clever.
It really is time to bring back Weekending.

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