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Saturday 3rd May 2003

My time in Australia is over.
The Saville Hotel where I stayed was pretty good on the whole, but I noticed on my first day there that there were a couple of slightly unpleasant looking streaky stains in the bathroom. One was on the sink and the other on the wall behind the toilet.
If I was going to guess what they were I would say that someone had sneezed heavily twice and the stains were the dried on residue from those stains. I was too tired to complain when I got there and I noticed that the one on the underside of the sink was gone within days. But the less obvious one that you could only see in certain lights which was on the wall behing the toilet remained.
I could have asked the maid to clean it off, but I was interested in seeing how long it would remain.
I have been in the same room for about five weeks.
I was comforted to notice on my departure that it was still there.

I wonder how long it will remain, indeed how long had it been there already. Was it a mixture of snot and spit or something worse (or better)?

If you have to stay in Melbourne in the near future, please check into the Saville Hotel on Russell St and ask for room 1510 and see if it's still there.
You have to look carefully. It's not totally obvious. Otherwise I'm sure it would have been noticed.
But it would just be interesting to see how often the tiles on the bathroom wall actually get cleaned.

Thanks to all the wonderful Australians I have met in the last few weeks who have made me feel so welcome in your marvellous country. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur once more, where sneezes spread diseases. So I hope the hygeine is a bit better at the airport.
Be good to be back home!

PS I left the boots.

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