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Sunday 24th October 2021


Is there any rule in football that stops a goalkeeper growing a beard that is the size of the goal, then gelling it up so it’s a solid hair wall that can’t be penetrated by a football?
Might just have had my first billion pound idea.

Slightly struggled on my 17km run this morning, but there were loads of hills today, including a surprise extra steep one that we’d never done before. I don’t think I am 100% well - certainly tired and the only one in the family not heavily down with a cold, but maybe it’s loitering at the edges, waiting for me to relax after completing work to knock me down. So glad to keep running all the way, even if I was a little bit slower than last week (but seriously, maybe twice as many hills). Two weeks to go.

I’m reading Fantastically Great Women Who Made History with my daughter each night 
It’s a lovely book that gives brief biographies of women who changed the world like Boudicca  and Harriet Tubman and it’s as educational for me as it is for Phoebe. Tonight we learned about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the States. She found out the men at the college she went to had had to vote on whether they wanted a woman admitted and had only said yes because they thought it was so ridiculous that they assumed it was a joke. 
She graduated top of the class.
Revenge is a dish best served as a bucket full of water that turns out to be a bucket full of confetti. Or should that be the other way round?
Phoebe was surprised that women weren’t expected to be properly educated in the olden days, though maybe not in the spirit of things, she wished that was still the case so she could stay at home instead of going to school. I told her she’d have had to do housework instead. 
I am continually embarrassed having to explain why women have been shat on by history and why they mostly died in horrible circumstances. It’s a very good thing though to be able to discuss these inspirational women and tell my daughter that she doesn’t have to put up with this shit. I can’t understand why any of those dads in history (there may even be one or two in the present day) didn’t want to have equality for their daughters or for them to fulfil their potential. Genuinely not trying to virtue signal here. I just love my kids the same and it seems crazy to not want to give them both the opportunity to make the best lives for themselves. It’s hard to believe that that isn’t the natural inclination, but I suppose we all think that about our own perspectives. Anyway, it feels good, when I am not filled with mortified embarrassment, to be sharing this with my girl. 
And yes I will be sharing the same book with my boy too. At the moment he still likes Noodle. He's 28 years old.

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