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Wednesday 23rd June 2021


I attempted a 6km run after a 4km dog walk and it was probably a bit much to be honest. I trudged round as far as I could but was out of puff by the 4km mark and walked home from there. I do need the occasional recovery day and in this instance I think the walk would have been enough. My determination to overcome/ignore/defeat my formerly cancerous body is probably a little too intense and sometimes counterproductive and I ate too many snacks to make up for my fatigue and couldn't get much work done.

I am pleased with my progress though and even with a couple of extra treats I didn't go over my calorie limit. I am still managing a daily Solero on this regime, but have managed to phase our or replace most of my other sugary treats. My diet recommends are to buy big tubs of pistachio nuts and almonds and have 10 of each as a healthier daily snack (about 110 calories) and to have a sweet zero calorie herbal tea when you are missing sugar. I like liquorice and peppermint and sweet ginger tea from Teapigs and then maybe a camomile or peppermint tea in the evening when you might have a beer or wine.

Oh God, what have I become?

I watched Confessions of a Window Cleaner this afternoon, as preparation for my forthcoming interview with Robin Askwith. I haven't seen most of my guests arses bobbing up and down in a load of bubbles, but hopefully the fact that I've seen Robin's will make us feel closer. It's a film very much of its time and though a fair amount of it doesn't stand up to modern sensibilities, there is a weird innocence to it, certainly compared to the modern world where hard core porn is readily available. It was the top grossing British film of 1974 and whilst it's mainly a comedy and has some big name stars, one has to assume it reached that accolade because sex starved British men wanted to get the occasional glimpse of a boob or Askwith's arse and imagine a world where sex is readily available, though usually disappointing or truncated or interrupted by a cuckolded husband or lover. It's a testament to our country's repression and although things have moved on, the ghost of those attitudes still haunt us.

I can't say I recommend you watch it, unless you particularly want to see Askwith's arse and there are a few attitudes that will seem shocking to the snowflakes of the modern generation, but it's an interesting historical document and unlike most historical documents you get to see some nudey ladies in it.

I recorded chapter 99 of Stone Clearing last evening and it went out today. Listen here. 

RHLSTP with wonderful human (and fellow Taskmaster champ) Sarah Kendall is now up. 

Don’t forget you can get live stream tickets to the July 5th RHLSTP with Acaster/Gamble and Askwith (hopefully with his arse covered) here  and/or sponsor my half marathon here.

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