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Wednesday 21st July 2004

CNPS numbers spotted 7 (968) - all before 9am. Was looking promising but my 969s were not where they should have been. Still think I might get away with a couple of slower days now.

I thought I'd managed to cut some stuff from the show today, but this evening it took longer than ever and I only really got up to task 4 in the time. There is going to have to be some ruthless cutting over the next few days (and I still need to write a whole lot too). I feel confident I will do it in time for Edinburgh, but it's a shame that more of the pre-Edinburgh gigs won't be further along the line.
My worry is that I'll lose the quirky stuff and the jokes in order to get the story in. The favourite bit I wrote today will definitely have to go. I think it's something I've touched on before on here and I did an ad-libbed version at the last gig, but here is what I did with it tonight...
"I remember after the events of the 11th of the 9th … and I think it’s quite important we refer to it as that. We’re British and that’s how our dating system works. And we were first. The Americans have obviously got it wrong and I think we should fight them on this and make them adopt our system. If any American talks to me about the events of 9/11, I say to them “sorry what happened on the 9th of November?” and pull a mock confused face to satirise their stupidity. Even if they are saying they lost a relative or friend on 9/11 I still do it. It’s important to be consistent. I’m planning to go to the US to start a campaign of civil disobedience until they start calling it 11th of the 9th. I would accept 11/9 as a compromise, I’m not unreasonable. Some people think that my vehemence is inappropriate in the circumstances, that I will do my cause harm by picking on this particular instance, but I think if you believe in something you have to make a stand. Any Americans in? It’s 11/9. OK?
Anyway after 11th of the 9th I realised how precarious life was and how we were probably all going to die at any moment and that I should make the most of whatever time I had left and seize the day. But as it turned out I couldnÂ’t be arsed. There was some good stuff on TVÂ…"

Ah well, maybe I can use it another time.

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