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Thursday 20th May 2004

Weight 13st 9 - not sure I'm going to do the weight loss thing in the show, but am going to carry on trying to lose weight anyway - my crazy partying life-style is not really helping though. CNPS numbers spotted 2 (720).

I am half way through my dating Purgatory. I took 25 to the swanky Atlantic bar near Piccadilly Circus where a glass of orange juice costs £3.80 and the barman expects a tip for just pouring it into a glass for you (dream on mate).
The last two times I've tried to come here the door people haven't let me in because I've been wearing jeans, though I noticed tonight that many of the patrons were clad in denim, so obviously the judgement was really made on some other criterion. To be sure of getting in tonight I wore a suit. It felt rather good. But I didn't wear a tie, because I am a rebel and I am not a businessman.
Me and 25 had fun watching the other patrons of the bar and taking the piss out of them. There were a lot of podgy middle-aged men in suits with much more attractive younger women; then I realised I was looking into a row of mirrors and they were all me and 25. I turned around and saw that this dynamic still held fairly true for everyone in the bar. I imagine that in the days of yesteryear the Atlantic was full of bright young things and aristocrats and celebrities, but now it is the haunt of the humdrum, hoping to brighten up their humdrum life, by giving themselves some false glamour, mainly by paying £3.80 for a small cup of orange.
A podgy man in a suit at the table next to me was accompanied by two very attractive, young Asian women. Perhaps he was doing an Edinburgh show about dating two women at a time, which would be a noble and good thing to do and not at all sleazy. But otherwise there was something a bit suspect about this gathering. It was hard to work out where these three might have met and what they might have in common. I am ashamed to say that I assumed the worst of this man. Then one of the women collapsed on the floor and had to be carried out by the other two. So I never got to find out if my unfair suspicions were justified.
Whatever the case I think that fella's weblog for today would be a lot more interesting than mine!
The food and drink were very nice and the atmosphere of refined sleaziness made for rather a fun date.
Just don't wear your jeans when you go, unless you are a pretty young woman in which case it doesn't seem to bother them.

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