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Monday 20th November 2023


Into London today to take my computer to the Apple Store for repair and to go to Avalon to discuss the upcoming Can I Have My Ball Back? Tour. For the last few weeks my laptop has had an annoying issue with a few keys where they work intermittently, occasionally as they should, but then sometimes taking multiple bashing to get the required result. If you’re noticed any missing ps (is someone taking the p?) or closed brackets or other errors in recent Warming Ups then that might be the reason. I’ve tried using the blowy air aerosol and shaking the laptop and all sorts, some of which seems to work, but in the end I decided that I couldn’t live like this any more. I had a similar problem with a previous Apple computer, but that was a manufacturing error and they replaced it for free. This laptop though is out of warranty and though I don’t remember spilling anything on it, that’s always a possibility. But how much could it cost to repair or clean a few keys?

Of course, you are way ahead of me. The very nice genius couldn’t quite work out was wrong and had not really seen this issue before. He didn’t think it was a spillage but wasn’t sure what it was, but the only remedy was to replace the entire keyboard part of the computer and various elements around it, including the battery and it was going to cost north of £700. 

To begin with I didn’t think that was really worth it, as that’s a good chunk towards a new laptop, but this was quite a high spec computer and nothing else was wrong with it. So reluctantly I decided to go for the repair. It means I am without a computer for a couple of weeks, but I do have an IPad with a rinky-dink keyboard, so that’s what I am working with now. Though there was a suggestion that I could buy a new laptop and then return it once my old one was back. 

My loyalty to Apple is punished as usual, but I still love their products, so I only have myself to blame.

I had a couple of hours before my meeting in Ladbroke Grove and so decided to walk it. I used to love walking through London, but having kids and moving meant it’s only an occasional luxury now. It took me about an hour to get to Notting Hill and then I went a couple of stops on the bus before walking the rest. I didn’t see much of interest, but find I am noticing older people more, now that I am heading that way myself. For the moment I am fit and moving well, but I saw people who are only a decade or so older than me who shuffled along, looking tired and miserable and like they wanted to die. It made me determined to make the most of my health and mobility whilst I still have it and to hang on to it for as long as possible. I hope whatever happens that I won’t look as sad and broken as some of the people I passed. I think subconsciously I always thought as old people as a different species and something that I’d never be (still might not be of course), but I am starting to appreciate that I won’t be 35 forever and one day this will happen to me (if things go well).

And the meeting went well. There’s a 40+ date tour organised and I am coming to some right shit holes, so hopefully one of them is near you. It’s my first stand up tour in 6 years so it will be exciting to get back out on the road (even though I am currently on the road a bit) and see what kind of demand there is for my ball based comedy these days. 

Retro RHLSTP with Peter Serafinowicz is now up wherever you get your pods

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