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Wednesday 20th November 2013


WTF, my wife found out about the Jaffa Cakes! But how? I think the cats might be spying on me. They will do anything for treats.

I hope it doesn't take me this long to recover after every RHMOL but I was still knackered and found it hard to get too much done. I wrote some alternate verses for the RHMOL theme tune (so that we can make some little changes in each episode) and tried to prepare some stuff for the new material night I had booked in. The idea was to have some stuff for episode 2, but I only managed to harvest a couple of old Lee and Herring jokes about Monsters (which both went down well) and then decided to have a crack at a couple of Metro columns which might work well in my proposed next touring show "Lord of the Dance Settee".

It was hard to build up the energy to get out of the front door, but I am glad I did as the small audience was very receptive and fun, but also there were some good pals on the bill as well, including my ex-Edinburgh flatmate Sarah Kendall and TMWRNJ's small-faced boy, Trevor Lock. I haven't seen Trevor for a while and though he had grown a beard to try and disguise how small his face is, he didn't really looked like he'd aged a day since 1999. How could fourteen years have had so little effect on him? The handsome, young bastard. He also, of course, played the young me in the play Excavating Rita. And if he shaved off his beard I think he could probably still play the 18 year old me. I hate him. He's a lovely man and a very funny and original stand up. Here's his website if you want to see him live.

It was an odd coincidence that I was having another crack at the Dance Settee routine from TMWRNJ at a gig that Trevor was compering, though none of the audience got the reference when I mentioned our last collaboration. Although Trevor says that he gets called a small-faced boy about once a week still. But anyway, it felt like a positive step to have one and maybe two routines that might be in whatever I am doing after the WAGTD! tour and the RHMOL madness are over.

I haven't yet decided if I will be doing the Edinburgh Fringe next year and my inclination is to have a year off. But we'll see how everything else goes, I guess.

The free audio of the Simon Pegg RHLSTP is now up on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes

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