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Saturday 2nd February 2019


As you may know if you’re a monthly badger or a Dripster you get all kinds of rewards (and help us to fund the filming of the podcast). Thanks to all the people who think the podcasts are worth a quid or four a month. 
One of the exciting things about being a Dripster of a Badger (and there’s a fierce rivalry between the two - they hate each other and if put in the same room will attempt to kill each other, each believing they are the best at supporting my work) is a monthly draw that you are always entered into and have a better than one in five thousand chance of winning. You get a box of old signed scripts and books and DVDs and stuff I’ve been sent in the post and things I am trying to get rid of out of my office.
Today Chris Evans (not that one - the one who the news called a dolt) emailed me the name of the winner, Gary Massingham. I recognised the name, but a lot of the supporters are long time fans or people who have emailed me or talked to me at gig, so I didn’t think anything of it. Until someone called Gav Massingham tweeted me to tell me Gary had won a previous draw already. He knew because both times he’d thought (not surprisingly) that he’d won the draw (presumably be donates and is not related to Gary).
What are the chances of someone winning twice in the relatively short time we’ve been running this contest. Literally impossible. One in ten billion at best.
So with Gary’s permission, we drew again (he’s already had one box of junk and probably didn’t want another trip to the dump) and the new winner is the ironically named Michale Losee from Canada. I will be paying top dollar to send him my rubbish, but it’s still easier than putting it in the bin.

A snow covered Stone Clearing, where it was a bit hard to clear stones is now up.

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