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Tuesday 11th February 2020

A bloke on Jeremy Vine had worked out the cost of HS2 based on him saving 50 minutes off his travel time on one day. It was billions of pounds per minute saved. Jeremy agreed this was a good point. If it’s really a single use service for one passenger then I agree that the price is TOO HIGH.
On and off I’ve been a member of one gym or another for probably 25 years and I dread to think of the price per visit, given how irregularly I have attended most of that time. Let’s just say it would make the bloke who thought HS2 was too expensive for one 50 minute saving shut up. But today, for the first time in all that time, I attended one of the group sessions that I have been paying for for all that time. I did a group cycle. It was tough, but it burned up over 500 calories. Sadly I ate way more than 500 extra calories in the day because the exertion made me hungry, but I think it should help with my running stamina and look forward to seeing the benefits at the next Park Run. I think I will give it another crack.
I am drinking more alcohol than I intended. It’s still not very much, only a couple of drinks some nights, but this is why I can only really work as an all or nothing merchant. I think I am partly just trying to catch up on all the drinks I missed out in in my 13 sober months. Today I fancied a bit of rum and made myself a makeshift Pina colada with some pineapple smoothie. I am finding that if I have one drink it’s generally a nice pick me up, but I had a second one of these (so four shots of rum) and my sleep was disturbed and I felt a bit sick in the night. That might be the issue that drives me back on to the wagon. There were no night terrors, just two or three hours of lost sleep. I prefer sleeping to drinking. I prefer non-queasiness to queasiness too. But rum is a bit of a full on drink and it’s as likely that the smoothie element was the problem too.
I was looking after the kids for most of the afternoon and having bought some malty wholemeal flour at the supermarket decided to have another crack at bread. Again the kids helped a little bit, but the actual work part of the process only takes ten minutes and then it’s all about waiting. I didn’t even look up the recipe, just remembered the measurements and few ingredients. Sadly I forgot the bit about buttering the bread tin. Which meant my very nice looking loaf was stuck and extracting it more or less destroyed it. But it still tasted good and I ate enough to make my cycle class redundant.
But still excited by the possibilities of home baking. Someone on Twitter suggested I get a bread maker, but that seems pointless and I don’t want a robot baker. Not to bake bread anyway.

But sir I thought you were employing me to bake bread.

Shut up, you’re too pretty to bake.

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